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Comparison between GPS ear tags and RFID ear tags

News posted on: 2019/10/28 6:05:22 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Comparison between GPS ear tags and RFID ear tags

Comparison between GPS ear tags and RFID ear tags

Many users who have entered the smart ranch industry often encounter such problems when picking cattle ear tags. I don't know if GPS ear tags or RFID ear tags should be selected. What is the difference between GPS ear tags and RFID?

About GPS Positioning: The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an airborne satellite-based positioning system for high-precision radio navigation that provides accurate geographic location and vehicle travel anywhere in the world and in near-Earth space. Speed and precise time information. Since its inception, GPS has attracted many users with its high precision, all-weather, global coverage, and convenience. At the same time, the use of GPS ear tags requires the installation of a SIM card for transmission over a cellular network, suitable for real-time tracking.

About RFID positioning: RFID is divided into active and passive, active rfid, also known as active rfid, is the type of electronic tag divided by the different ways of electronic tag power supply, usually supports long-distance identification. Electronic tags can be divided into active electronic tags, passive electronic tags and semi-passive electronic tags.

Passive rfid, that is, the passive radio frequency tag adopts the frequency hopping working mode, has anti-interference ability, and the user can customize the reading and writing standard data, and the efficiency is more rapid in the special application system, and the reading distance can reach more than 10 meters.

The RFID device precise positioning system collects the information of the electronic tag through long-distance and non-contact, realizes the automatic identification of the device under the moving state, thereby realizing the automatic management of the target. At present, the RFID ear tags on the market mainly track and monitor the breeding, transportation and slaughtering of cattle and sheep, and trace the source of epidemic prevention.

GPS ear tag and RFID ear tag comparison

Power consumption: Compared to RFID ear tags, GPS ear tags are more power-hungry because they need to receive satellite signals and data, while passive RFID ear tags do not require a power source at all.

Coverage: RFID must rely on the ground communication base station, and the coverage is limited. It has a small positioning advantage for livestock such as free-range cattle and sheep. GPS is widely covered, which is more convenient for cattle and sheep positioning and tracking monitoring, which can effectively avoid the loss of cattle and sheep.

Function: The RFID ear tag can be used as the animal's exclusive ID, and can control the life cycle of the whole breeding to the slaughtering process. It can effectively carry out feeding management, epidemic prevention management and drug management. GPS ear tags can realize livestock reporting, exercise volume recording and environmental monitoring. , out-of-group alarm, low-power alarm, fence alarm, static alarm and other alarms combined with the platform can collect data to the platform for vaccine, epidemic prevention, quarantine, breeding, breeding, statistical reports and other functions.


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