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What are the traceability techniques commonly used in livestock production?

News posted on: 2020/2/10 5:09:40 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

What are the traceability techniques commonly used in livestock production?

What are the traceability techniques commonly used in livestock production?

(1) Bar code technology. Bar code technology includes bar code preparation rules, bar code decoding technology, bar code printing technology, data communication technology, and computer technology. It is a comprehensive technology. The bar code can contain the place of origin, place of departure, destination, product list, transportation records, etc. It is convenient, fast, accurate, efficient, and low cost.

(2) RFID technology. The RFID system consists of three parts: electronic tag (Tag), reader (Reader), antenna. There are four main types of electronic tags in the identification of livestock: collar type, ear tag type, injectable type and pill type. Electronic identification is suitable for animals on various occasions, whether it is centralized or scattered livestock, which slaughter method does not allow animals to be slaughtered. The accuracy of RFID technology reading is over 98%, and the electronic tag can be reused. Compared with the barcode, the electronic identification is simple to use, the reading distance is long, the accuracy of data reading is high, but the cost is high.

(3) Other traceability techniques. Several technologies can be used to monitor food characteristics (or constituent elements), such as: protein monitoring technology, iris technology, DNA identification technology, infrared spectroscopy, etc. For the traceability of meat products throughout the supply chain, information on the species, origin, authenticity, age composition and production system (including feed) of livestock can be obtained through the application of these technologies. However, according to China's national conditions, It is still difficult to apply these biological monitoring technologies to the traceability systems of livestock products.


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