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Fuqing City in Fujian Takes Ear Tag and Other Measures to Strictly Control Animal Epidemic Prevention

News posted on: 2020/2/10 5:30:34 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Fuqing City in Fujian Takes Ear Tag and Other Measures to Strictly Control Animal Epidemic Prevention

Fuqing City in Fujian Takes Ear Tag and Other Measures to Strictly Control Animal Epidemic Prevention

On January 20, 2020, the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism held a video conference call to fully deploy the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection.

Facing the complicated and severe epidemic situation, Fuqing Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Center earnestly implemented the unified decision-making and deployment of its superiors, and solidly implemented various prevention and control measures. In addition to the daily price monitoring of major livestock products, efforts have been made to strengthen animal epidemic prevention, improve the level of biological safety, strengthen quarantine at the place of production, and slaughter quarantine, and comprehensively grasp and implement prevention and control measures.

In terms of animal epidemic prevention, the first is to strengthen the immunity of livestock and poultry. Livestock and poultry scale breeding farms carry out immunization work in accordance with livestock and poultry disease procedures throughout the year, wear immunization logos, establish immunization files, and strengthen tracking and guidance; carry out centralized mandatory immunization of free-range livestock and poultry, and on the basis of doing a good job of centralized immunization against major animal diseases in spring and autumn , Implement the "village-level animal immunization day" system, arrange village-level animal epidemic prevention officers to go to towns and villages to carry out free-range livestock and poultry immunization, immunization for missed immunity and new supplementary pens. The second is to strengthen disinfection. Livestock and poultry scale farms are closed and managed, and cleaning and disinfection of the entire site, especially vehicle personnel passages, pig exits, and production areas is strengthened; garbage, feces, diseased and dead livestock and poultry are concentrated and harmlessly treated. The third is to strengthen the grasp of animal epidemic situation. The Office of the Municipal Major Animal Epidemic Disease Prevention and Control Headquarters insisted on leading the team and on duty 24 hours a day to strengthen the monitoring of animal epidemic situation, report the epidemic situation, and report to the local government or agricultural and rural departments in time if any unexplained disease or dead animal is found, and properly follow the requirements. Handle sick and dead livestock. Fourth, raise awareness of prevention and control. Strengthen the farm owner's awareness of responsibility and safety as the main body for animal epidemic prevention and control, and do not purchase, transport, or sell wild animals and products of unknown origin or illegal capture, and try to avoid contact between wild animals and livestock and poultry.

Regarding the quarantine of production areas: focus on pig farms, implement the "Six Bans" of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the administrative law enforcement of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, the "eight bans" of African swine fever epidemic prevention and control, and strictly require official veterinarians to The Law, the "Administrative Measures for Animal Quarantine" and the regulations on quarantine of animal origins provide quarantine, strengthen the key links of origin quarantine such as relevant information and data review and inspection, animal health inspections, implement the "point-to-point" live pig transport and transport vehicle filing system, and do a good job in Africa Swine fever detection and "lean extract" random inspection, issued a quarantine certificate of animal origin. In the case of issuing false quarantine certificates, issuing certificates without quarantine inspection, issuing certificates across mountains, issuing certificates beyond the authority, and using illegally, reselling quarantine certificates of animal origin and badge marks, the relevant personnel shall be held seriously accountable in accordance with laws and regulations. At the same time, the farms (households) are urged to raise awareness of the responsibility of the main body of epidemic prevention, fulfill the obligations of animal epidemic prevention, and implement the main responsibility of the quarantine declaration of the owner of the place of origin.

In terms of slaughter and quarantine work: further strengthen slaughter and quarantine work, fully implement the official veterinary dispatch system on the slaughterhouse, and carry out pig slaughter and quarantine in accordance with the "Administrative Measures for Animal Quarantine" and "Rules for Slaughter Quarantine". The first is to strictly control the entrance before slaughter, check the quarantine qualification certificate, ear tag hanging status and clinical health status of the pigs entering the site, check whether the ear tag number and quarantine certificate registration information are consistent with the place of departure, and carry out Complete disinfection, and do a good job of verifying and inspecting the animals entering the field. The second is to strictly control the slaughter before slaughter. Strictly implement the 12-hour quiescent system before slaughter, declare quarantine 6 hours before slaughter, and implement the quarantine management system within 2 hours before slaughter. The third is to strictly control African swine fever self-inspection, "lean extract" sampling and simultaneous quarantine. Supervise the slaughtering enterprises to carry out African swine fever self-inspection, “lean extract” spot inspection and post-mortem sampling inspection for each batch of incoming pigs, and implement simultaneous quarantine on slaughtered animals in accordance with relevant regulations for slaughter quarantine. The fourth is to strictly control harmless treatment. For diseased animals and their products detected by quarantine before and after slaughter, the slaughtering enterprises shall be supervised to strictly follow the "Technical Specifications for the Harmless Treatment of Diseased and Dead and Diseased Animals" to ensure that the harmless treatment is implemented in place. Fifth, strictly control the issuance of certificates. In strict accordance with the provisions of the "Animal Epidemic Prevention Law" and "Administrative Measures for Animal Quarantine", issue a quarantine certificate of compliance, strictly implement the "two certificates and two chapters" appearance system, strictly prohibit the issuance of certificates without quarantine, and the resale of animal health badges and other violations of the Ministry of Agriculture The behavior of the "six bans" took place, and we resolutely put an end to the issue of certificates across the mountains. Sixth, strict control of disinfection and epidemic prevention. Supervise and guide the slaughterhouse to do a good job of disinfection, effectively kill pathogens, and cut off the spread of animal diseases.


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