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Why do pigs have ear tags, and what are their effects?

News posted on: 2020/2/11 2:21:25 - by Norah - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Why do pigs have ear tags, and what are their effects?

Why do pigs have ear tags, and what are their effects?

What is the significance of the pig ear tag? The pig ear tag is used as the identification of the pig, which is convenient for follow-up inspections from breeding to slaughtering. A class of smart electronic label classification, mainly used in animal husbandry and animal husbandry. It is used on pig ears in the domestic pig breeding industry for easy fixing and disassembly, so it is also called pig ear tag. The pig ear tag consists of two parts: the main tag and the auxiliary tag.

In view of the current state's efforts to promote information management of pig farming and traceability management of pork and other food. The pig ear tag, as the front-end individual in the entire management system, is the best means of recording and collecting pig breeding information, and it will definitely be adopted on a large scale. The country can track and monitor the entire process of animals from birth → slaughter → sales → consumer → final consumer end through the identification function of electronic ear tags.

1. Conducive to animal disease control

The electronic ear tag can manage each animal's ear tag along with its breed, source, production performance, immune status, health status, owner and other information. Once an epidemic situation and the quality of animal products occur, it can be tracked (traced) Its source is to distinguish responsibilities and plug loopholes, so as to realize the scientific and institutionalization of animal husbandry and improve the level of animal husbandry management.

2. Conducive to safe production

The electronic ear tag is an excellent tool for comprehensive identification and detailed management of a large number of livestock. With the electronic ear tag, the breeding enterprise can discover hidden dangers in time and quickly take corresponding control measures to ensure safe production.

3. Improve the management level of the farm

In livestock and poultry management, easy-to-manage ear tags are used to identify individual animals (pigs), and each animal (pig) is assigned an ear tag with a unique code to achieve the unique identification of the individual, which is used in pig farms The ear tag mainly records data such as farm number, pig house number, and pig individual number. After each pig is ear-marked at the pig farm to realize the unique identification of the individual pig, the individual pig's material management, immune management, disease management, death management, weighing management, medication management are realized by means of reading and writing by a handheld computer. , Daily record management such as the record.

4. Facilitate national safety supervision of livestock products

A pig ’s electronic ear tag code is carried for life. Through this electronic code, it can be traced back to the pig's production site, acquisition site, slaughter plant, and the supermarket where the pork is sold. If it is sold to a cooked food vendor Finally, there will be records. Such a marking function is beneficial to crack down on a series of participants selling sick and dead pork, supervise the safety of domestic animal products, and ensure that the public can eat healthy pork.


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