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The application of electronic tags can make face masks authentic

News posted on: 2020/2/17 1:33:16 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

The application of electronic tags can make face masks authentic

The application of electronic tags can make face masks authentic

Electronic labeling is called radio frequency identification. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, also known as radio frequency identification, originated in the United Kingdom and was used in World War II to identify enemy and enemy aircrafts. A radio frequency tag is a physical carrier of an electronic product code (EPC). It is attached to a trackable item and can be circulated globally, identified, read and written. It is designed to safely identify and track various commodity categories that run smoothly in the commercial field and foreign and domestic markets, and output production information and logistics information to a common thin and light label.

By virtue of its working principle, after the tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the RF signal from the reader and sends the product information (PassiveTag, passive tag or passive tag) stored in the chip with the energy obtained by the induced current, or actively sends a A frequency signal (ActiveTag, active tag or active tag); the reader reads the information and decodes it, and sends it to the central information system for relevant data processing.

Different from the traditional barcode, RFID inserts a chip into the package, and uses radio signals to identify and read target data. RFID tags have good anti-pollution, durability and confidentiality, which can realize long-term tracking of items. At the same time, the inspection of electronic tags is also better than the traditional two-dimensional code. It does not need to be aligned and scanned. It has a faster read and write speed and can be used for multi-target recognition and motion recognition.

As early as 2006, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended that drug makers use RFID to track those drugs that are easily counterfeited in order to find the root cause and distinguish the authenticity. It can be said that the application of RFID technology can not only greatly improve the efficiency of cargo and information management, but also allow sales companies and manufacturing companies to interconnect, thereby receiving feedback information more accurately, controlling demand information, and optimizing the entire supply chain.

Once applied on a large scale, consumers can not only grasp all the paths of the masks from production to sales, but even the time is accurate to the second. In this case, the secondary packaging of fish beads mixed with beads will not happen again, and even the phenomenon of "mutual blending of fake and false" by illegal stores can be eliminated to a certain extent.

Conclusion:From the traditional one-dimensional code to the widely used two-dimensional code, to the continuous maturity of electronic label technology, the development of electronic labels is bringing innovation to the packaging industry, and at the same time providing practical protection for the vital interests of consumers.

At the same time, should we consider the use of scissors and other tools to destroy discarded masks and discard them uniformly. In addition, when we see that illegal masks have been paid for recycling, we should promptly contact the local police or relevant departments to get the root cause. The upper blocking mask may be illegally re-stocked.

At the moment of the epidemic, some people are taking advantage of the country's financial difficulties, and some people are helping to save lives in retrograde epidemic areas. As an ordinary person, when you are in danger, you can do your best to have the best positive energy. Do not ask Gao Ge and Zi Tongpao to go to the front line, but hope to keep the bottom line so that "backstab" does not occur.


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