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UHF RFID drones for tracking vehicles and assets

News posted on: 2020/2/21 10:59:36 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

UHF RFID drones for tracking vehicles and assets

UHF RFID drones for tracking vehicles and assets

Several companies that manage large numbers of vehicles are trying out a passive RFID drone solution that can capture the ID number of a UHF RFID tag on a vehicle and then pass that data through a real-time connection or after the drone completes its flight. Wi-Fi connection is transmitted to the server. Users can use drones to collect data on the location of thousands of cars over a wide range with an accuracy of about 8 feet.

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But in some cases, such as tracking vehicles in large storage areas, active RFID is not economical because tags are too expensive and rely on batteries to work. "Because the area that the automotive project needs to cover is very large and the volume of the vehicle is also large, it is more economical and reasonable to use low-cost disposable tags, so we have chosen UHF RFID tags. And our partners are using that can be built into unmanned FEIG MRU102 reader and its circularly polarized antenna that read tags in the aircraft. "

However, the use of passive UHF RFID readers faces new challenges. For example, RFID readers lack GPS capabilities, so custom hardware needs to be manufactured. Create an add-on board that adapts to multiple technologies, can identify and store the data read by each tag, so that passive RFID drones can do more than read tags.

At a distance of up to 10 miles, the add-on board enables the drone to capture and store GPS data and connect to the radio, which transmits the acquired data to a gateway or other drone. The add-on board also supports other functions, such as drones that can be equipped with either LoRa or cellular technology to transmit RFID-read data, or they can connect to Wi-Fi networks or send data in real-time within the range of Wi-Fi nodes.

Two companies are currently experimenting with drone-based solutions. It mainly provides automotive automation tracking technology for ports, car companies and dealers. At the same time, this solution can also be used to track large-scale goods, equipment, trailers, etc. in the field of logistics or construction companies. In addition, this solution can track granite or minerals for mining companies.



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