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RFID technology plays an important role in the field of fire protection

News posted on: 2020/3/4 8:42:26 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology plays an important role in the field of fire protection

RFID technology plays an important role in the field of fire protection

As the pace of urbanization in cities continues to accelerate, there are many people going in and out every day, such as residential electric cars, residents' safety of electricity, and so on. How to improve, innovate, and technology to realize the intelligent fire protection management model must make full use of various advanced scientific and technological means to improve the service concept and quality of fire protection work. Preventive equipment maintenance and daily inspections are one of the foundations of fire protection construction. RFID technology makes automatic fire management more efficient and concise through automatic identification and collection.

The RFID electronic tags deployed on the fire fighting equipment can transmit the equipment working status to the smart fire fighting back-end platform, which is helpful for timely understanding of the operation of fire fighting equipment and timely investigation of fire hazards. Smart Firefighting installs encrypted RFID electronic tags and establishes ID cards at key fire-fighting locations and fire-fighting facilities of the unit, and uses RFID technology to scan the tags for daily fire inspection and data collection. In addition, the system will automatically prompt the inspection standards and methods of various fire protection facilities and key parts, and automatically record the inspection traces of inspectors, instead of the traditional paper inspection records. It has changed the current situation that the traditional fire inspection is not in place and the inspection records are not true. The maintenance and inspection of fire protection equipment is a big foundation of smart fire protection construction.

The application of RFID technology in the field of fire protection, including the application of fire alarm systems, electrical fire monitoring systems, fire hydrant monitoring systems, fire emergency evacuation systems, fire supervision and inspection business, and daily fire management Application, fire inspection. Fire IoT is based on radio frequency identification (RFID) and smart sensing technology. Attach RFID electronic tags to every fire protection facility that needs to be monitored, and use RFID technology to automatically identify target objects and obtain object information. Use intelligent sensing technology to achieve online monitoring of fire protection facilities that need to be monitored. The intelligent sensing technology uses sensing technology, single-chip microcomputer technology, and communication technology to realize real-time sensing and detection of the space environment and monitored objects through micro-sensors, and access to the network so that personnel at all levels of fire protection can monitor the operation of equipment in real time.

Smart fire protection can realize gridding and household registration of fire management. The city management area is divided into multiple unit grids according to certain standards. By strengthening the inspection management of unit grids, a new supervision and management system is established. The grid management concept provides a practical management solution for the government, industry, and enterprises. Applying the grid management model to fire safety management work not only helps the fire safety management work to be truly implemented, but also effectively promotes it. The effectiveness of fire safety supervision and management improves the efficiency and quality of fire safety management, so that fire safety management can better serve the society, the actual combat and the people's livelihood.

Fire-fighting daily management uses RFID technology to make it more effective and concise. The automatic identification and collection of RFID promoted the timely operation of the fire-fighting equipment and timely investigation of fire hazards. Effectively improve the efficiency of fire safety supervision and management, so that fire safety management can better serve the society, service companies, improve people's lives, and improve the efficiency and quality of fire safety management.



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