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RFID reshapes the clothing industry management model

News posted on: 2020/3/17 9:12:02 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID reshapes the clothing industry management model

RFID reshapes the clothing industry management model

Due to the characteristics of large demand, rapid changes in fashion trends, and diversified models and sizes, coupled with the susceptibility to seasonal influences, the management of production, logistics, and sales in all aspects is very difficult. Therefore, the introduction of RFID in management has become the collective consensus of major brands.

At present, the application of RFID technology in the clothing industry has become very common. Prada, ZARA, H & M, Decathlon, Uniqlo, Hailan House, Peacebird and other brands are using this technology. Among them, Decathlon also established its own in 2010. RFID company-Embisphere. RFID technology enhances the transparency of enterprise inventory, can monitor inventory data in real time, significantly reduce the out-of-stock or unsaleable phenomenon, and reduce buffer inventory. According to relevant statistical data, the sales volume of warehouses implementing RFID technology has increased by about 3-8% compared to warehouses without RFID technology, the inventory speed of retailers has increased by about 20 times, and the accuracy of inventory data has increased to more than 30%.

Because the RFID tag is unique, it can accurately and quickly obtain specific product information such as clothing model, color, and size, which helps to achieve anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, and anti-channeling functions in the circulation and sales of clothing, while also greatly reducing The labor cost in the circulation link.

In addition to greatly improving the efficiency and security of production, inventory and logistics, RFID can also help manufacturers track user experience during sales. For example, it can count the number of times clothes are taken and the number of times they enter and leave the fitting room, helping businesses make accurate judgments. . In addition, RFID can enable merchants to grasp accurate sales data in time. By analyzing these data, manufacturers can make more accurate data predictions.

In addition, merchants can also optimize offline experience through RFID, which can increase sales performance. Each clothing of the internationally renowned brand Parda is affixed with an RFID code. Whenever a customer picks up a Parda and enters the fitting room, the RFID tag will be automatically recognized, and the screen in the fitting room will automatically play the model wearing the dress. Videos to make customers more satisfied.

By using UHF RFID readers to carry out inventory counting, customers can perform automatic analysis based on the tags read by the readers, and they can know the actual quantity of a certain style, color, and model of clothing, thereby ensuring Inventory balance, and timely replenishment, to avoid a shortage of clothing or out-of-code in a clothing store, to ensure the normal needs of customers.

By observing these application scenarios, we can see that RFID has extraordinary innovation significance to the clothing industry. It not only enhances the operating efficiency and accuracy of the clothing industry, but also effectively reduces resource waste and labor costs. All in all, RFID has brought innovation to clothing production, logistics and warehousing, and marketing. In the future, as the cost of RFID further decreases, new application methods will emerge, and this trend is bound to expand.



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