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Combination of RFID technology and pallet management

News posted on: 2020/3/18 9:08:17 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Combination of RFID technology and pallet management

Combination of RFID technology and pallet management

Since the introduction of "conveyor transport", the popularity of standardized pallets has accelerated. With the addition of RFID technology, it has opened the door to a new world of "smart logistics." Why do you say that? Because the combination of RFID technology and pallets not only facilitates the real-time tracking and management of the circulation and use of the pallet itself, such as: leasing, recycling, maintenance, storage, etc. In addition, it also realizes the visual monitoring of pallet loading, which greatly promotes the automation level of information collection in logistics management, ensures the safety of goods during transportation, improves logistics efficiency and reduces costs.

The pallet radio frequency identification tag (RFID) is the most basic data unit in the pallet common system, and it is the node that connects each data in the cyclic common system. On December 30, 2016, the "GB / T 33459-2016 Commercial Pallet Radio Frequency Identification Tag Application Specification" was announced, which is applicable to the recyclable commercial pallets in logistics activities such as transportation, loading and unloading, handling, stacking, and warehousing. The use and management are also applicable to recyclable pallets in the field of commercial circulation. When using radio frequency identification tags as information carriers, the basic requirements, technical requirements, storage formats, storage contents, installation locations, test methods, and application operation processes are included.

RFID technology gives standardized pallets the only “identity card” information in the world, and realizes the entry of pallet informatization units, which greatly improves the coordination efficiency of the supply chain and is an important technical means to promote the innovation of modernized supply chains. In the tray management, the tray can be reused and the RFID electronic tags can be read and written repeatedly, which greatly reduces the cost. The electronic label on the pallet records the item code of the pallet, and stores the important information such as the product name, quantity, volume, weight, shipping address, and shipping address of the goods in the database through the network. During the transportation from the departure point to the destination, you can read the RFID tag through the UHF RFID reader, retrieve the required information at any time, and upload the pallet and the location information of the goods arriving.

It can be seen that through the combination of RFID technology and pallet management, direct tracking of goods can be achieved to ensure the safety of the goods and effectively solve the tracking of pallets. Pallet positioning and recycling, management, and settlement intelligence can be achieved to reduce operating costs. + "The development of efficient logistics; accelerate the formation of a new ecology of open, shared, efficient and convenient smart logistics.



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