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Advantages and disadvantages of RFID positioning and application scenarios

News posted on: 2020/3/19 9:34:16 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Advantages and disadvantages of RFID positioning and application scenarios

Advantages and disadvantages of RFID positioning and application scenarios

RFID positioning principle

RFID is divided into active RFID and passive RFID, so there are many ways to locate. However, the algorithms are also RSSI energy algorithms: RFID readers that adjust the read-write distance by adjusting the transmission energy, so that if the RFID tag is farther from the reader, the energy is smaller, and vice versa, the closer it is, the threshold can be set for positioning.

According to the delay from the active RFID tag sending the signal to the reader reading the tag information to assist in determining the position information of the tag, the longer the delay, the farther away, and vice versa. The newer technology also uses the TDOA algorithm, which is generally used in the UHF band of RFID, but it is rarely used and the cost is high.

Advantages of RFID positioning: low cost and large-scale deployment.

RFID offers both active and passive solutions. Passive solutions do not have the problem of power supply. Active solutions can also achieve extremely low power consumption and can use button batteries for several years of standby.

RFID base station equipment is relatively abundant, there are more high-power equipment and low-power card reader products, suitable for networking in various occasions.

Disadvantages of RFID positioning: The same accuracy requirements are required. Compared to UWB positioning, RFID base stations or readers are relatively complex to deploy and have a large number.

RFID positioning application scenarios

RFID equipment is relatively stable, so it is widely used in the field of positioning. Because the price of RFID positioning terminals and RFID tags is extremely low, it can be used on a large scale. It has advantages in logistics sorting, prison positioning, battery car positioning, and automotive electronic license plate positioning. Mature applications and good prospects.


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