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RFID smart medical cabinet opens a new world of smart consumables

News posted on: 2020/4/2 9:07:40 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID smart medical cabinet opens a new world of smart consumables

RFID smart medical cabinet opens a new world of smart consumables

In recent years, the medical reform has been progressing rapidly and continuously. Investment in medical care has also increased significantly. At present, various public and private hospitals have sprung up in technology upgrades and are beginning to improve in all aspects. Various levels of hospitals. In the era of modern medical technology, the "smart hospital" is the most sought-after goal of major hospitals. RFID smart medical cabinet opens a new world of smart consumables.

RFID medical smart cabinet is a very good solution product for the medical industry to manage high-value consumables and valuable medical assets and dangerous drugs. It provides a complete software and hardware integrated drug and consumables management solution, which can be applied to the operating room, ward, emergency and In ICU and other scenarios, the full closed-loop guarantees that patients use the right medicine, and the entire process traces the use of consumables, guarantees the quality of medical care, improves the efficiency of clinical medical care, improves the level of hospital fine management, and reduces the cost of drug consumables management in hospitals. Compared with ordinary management cabinets, it has the advantages of free combination, real-time monitoring of cabinet status, and high accuracy of real-time inventory. It is currently the most advanced real-time inventory-type intelligent management cabinet in China.

The intelligent medical consumables cabinet is mainly composed of a window-type main cabinet, a window-type auxiliary cabinet and a window-type catheter auxiliary cabinet. It can be operated with gloves in the operating environment, and the display is clear, easy to operate, high sensitivity, and no dead angle on the full screen. The cabinet is made of high-quality steel plate and precision-made by numerical control sheet metal processing equipment, with the advantages of simple appearance, sturdy and durable; the original split of each function makes it convenient for users to deploy according to their own circumstances.

Advantages of RFID smart cabinet product series

1. Display: The main cabinet display can guide medical staff;

2. Security: fingerprint, password, and credit card access methods, hierarchical authorization to ensure that the responsible person can be traced. Equipped with mechanical unlocking to ensure normal use under long-term power failure;

3. Intelligence: real-time inventory statistics, automatic upload of out-of-stock information, regular cabinet item management report printouts, and convenient decision-making management;

4. View: The cabinet comes with LED light strips, which is convenient for medical personnel to clearly identify consumable information;

5, emergency mechanism: UPS power failure protection (in the absence of external power, support system and cabinet work for at least 15 minutes);

6, inventory: automatic inventory without human intervention, automatic doors, locks can be positioned to the cabinet number;

7.Fault: It has the function of alarming when the network is disconnected, and it has the automatic reconnection mechanism for networking.

8. Interfaces: Rich interfaces are reserved for easy connection with other systems.

The RFID medical smart cabinet uses RFID automatic identification technology to identify the inlay RFID electronic tag of each tool to be managed. The inside of the cabinet is an RFID monitoring system that monitors the information of the items in the cabinet in real time. Specially developed to solve the current high-standard medical consumables management in the medical industry, the smart cabinet uses the latest RFID radio frequency technology to number each type or even each consumable, automatically scan and identify consumable information, and track the use of consumables The process is monitored from the process of application, purchase, acceptance, collection, use, and scrap. The entire life cycle of consumables is covered, which provides accurate data support for the hospital to effectively plan statistics and replenishment.

The intelligent medical consumables management cabinet utilizes integrated RFID intelligent terminals to extend modern logistics services to hospitals, operating rooms and wards. Through quality control throughout the process, process optimization and automatic and flexible supply management, an efficient and intelligent modern hospital is created. Consumables management mode helps the hospital to truly realize professional, systematic and refined consumables management.



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