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RFID technology creates a higher standard of power asset management

News posted on: 2020/4/7 11:00:08 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology creates a higher standard of power asset management

RFID technology creates a higher standard of power asset management

As the power market demand continues to rise, power grid companies have put forward higher requirements for power grid asset management and higher standards to ensure the life cycle management of power assets. How to quickly respond to the power demand of modern cities? RFID technology is used for non-contact, long-distance, automatic collection of information to realize the timely transmission and feedback of asset change information, so that the life cycle management of power assets at all stages and real-time physical information in real time Transmission data processing. RFID technology allows the visualization and informationization of asset power lifecycle management. RFID technology creates a higher standard of power asset management.

Composition of RFID power asset management system

1. RFID handheld mobile reader: integrates RFID reader module, GPRS wireless communication module and reader power interface board, realizes real-time automatic collection and wireless transmission of remote data, and design the work flow in the handheld reader . Used for power asset inventory, you can quickly read the electronic tag information on the device, and send the read tag information to the background server for processing through the built-in GPRS wireless communication module.

2. RFID electronic tags: There are many types of power assets in the power industry, with different specifications and mostly metal surfaces. Metal interference is the application difficulty of RFID technology all the time. , Specially developed for attaching labels and hang tags for power assets of different sizes and specifications. Through special design and packaging of the built-in antenna of the label, the label has good resistance to metal interference.

3. RFID card-issuing equipment: mainly used to write data into RFID electronic tags, including device name, device model, device barcode, etc. After writing data, it can automatically generate reports and import them into the system server.

4. ERP power asset management auxiliary system and RFID intermediate development kit based on RFID technology.

Equipment inspection and maintenance, fixed asset inventory and asset life-cycle tracking management, RFID technology will provide better information collection, real-time understanding of equipment inspection, maintenance, and operation status, timely detection of hidden dangers, and early treatment to avoid the development of hidden dangers Failure leads to greater losses.

After discovering the hidden dangers of the equipment, the inspection personnel need to report the relevant situation in a timely, accurate, clear and complete manner. The relevant departments will organize the maintenance personnel to repair according to the information provided in the report to eliminate the hidden danger. Grid asset tracking management adopts RFID handheld collection terminal to collect information on site physical identification. RFID handheld collection terminal is equipped with anti-interference, reading and writing distance, stability, reliability and other factors. RFID technology provides automatic collection of information on the security management of power grid assets. RFID electronic tags are used to bind power asset information, and RFID read and write collection devices store RFID electronic tag information, contact-free batch reading and data transfer.

Use RFID automatic identification technology to realize the automation and paperless data collection to improve the completeness and effectiveness of the equipment inspection system. Daily operation and maintenance is carried out through automatic collection of RFID electronic tag data, realizing dynamic tracking management of equipment, eliminating difficulties, blind spots and obstacles in asset management, and realizing automatic management of asset equipment. In power equipment asset management, RFID automatic identification technology plays a very important role in fixed asset management, asset life cycle tracking, and equipment inspection and maintenance.


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