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Why is RFID a "must-have" technology in any industry?

News posted on: 2020/4/10 10:52:25 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Why is RFID a "must-have" technology in any industry?

Why is RFID a "must-have" technology in any industry?

RFID technology can bring far-reaching benefits to many industry applications. Marc van der Poll, network architect at Datacentrix, a provider of high-performance and secure ICT solutions, explained that such a benefit is the ability to quickly and efficiently acquire data in asset tracking and intelligent management.

For example, a car company ’s warehouse stores 1 billion South African rand worth of goods. Without RFID, the average annual inventory loss may reach 200,000 rand. The company may conduct an annual inventory of assets, which will take a full week of technical and non-productive time for all employees to complete. For the rest of the year, the company will rely on its accounting system to monitor the items that should be stored in the warehouse. However, this high probability is not accurate because it does not specify the actual inventory assets.

Van der Pol pointed out that traditionally the items in the warehouse have bar codes. The actual search for the barcode on each item is a very slow process, so inventory inventory at this time may be a very time-consuming process. Using RFID, no human intervention is required, and the company can complete the inventory count quickly and efficiently every week, ensuring that all problems can be discovered and handled in a timely manner. This visibility is very valuable.

RFID does not require a direct line of sight like a bar code, nor does it require employees to hold a bar code scanner to find and scan the bar code on the items. In contrast, RFID technology can liquidate assets in seconds. Items are marked with smart RFID tags, and a handheld scanner or a fixed reader that automatically emits an RF signal every few seconds to "power" these tags. The data information obtained will be transmitted to the back-end application.

Enterprises can use drones to fly on a predetermined path in the warehouse, and quickly and easily check and record inventory within a few hours, thereby applying the same technology.

Van der Pol added that RFID also facilitates the retail industry. "For example, this technology can automatically alert the clothes that fall on the floor, help track and analyze whether certain sizes of clothes need to be replenished in the warehouse; it can also establish a supply and demand balance process according to the needs, The goods are transferred to different locations, which also reduces the need for retail stores to maintain high inventory levels. "

Similar applications can be found in the medical field, such as pharmacies and hospitals, where drug expiration dates must be recorded and observed, and inventory levels must be strictly controlled.

Van der Pol said that in terms of field service management applications, RFID provides an excellent solution for on-site vehicle tracking of high-value tools and components, and is not limited to services related to service and technical support. "Emergency medical services (EMS) vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, and senior emergency personnel can use RFID technology to track these expensive devices. If a medical defibrillator is lost, the organization may lose 400,000 rand, but Tracking the inventory items when the vehicle leaves through RFID technology, the possibility that they will be left on the spot or lost will be greatly reduced, thereby saving the time wasted by repeated inspections on the spot. Using cleaning-resistant RFID, you can also track equipment and other Clothing. "

"RFID also provides an ideal solution for weapon management in the military and private security industries. RFID technology can be built not only in the weapons themselves, but also in weapon cabinets to track who carried which weapons and whether those weapons were acquired Necessary prior approval. "

Another important application scenario of RFID is document management. Because copies of paper documents must be kept for a certain period of time, many companies still use paper documents and folders. "The application of RFID will make it easier to track the location of documents or folders, which provides an excellent level of security and management for printed paper materials such as contracts, books, manuscripts, medical records, files, etc."

Obviously, RFID can bring real business benefits to many industries, help to increase productivity, provide reliable data and information, and also improve asset visibility and traceability. Van der Pol concluded: "It is more accurate, more timely and more forward-looking to control the data, which will be a powerful tool for any company."


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