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The construction of smart airports uses RFID and other technologies to achieve gratifying results

News posted on: 2020/7/24 15:43:49 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

The construction of smart airports uses RFID and other technologies to achieve gratifying results

The construction of smart airports uses RFID and other technologies to achieve gratifying results

Since the goal of building a smart airport was put forward, major domestic airports have listed its smart construction as an important development topic. From using the ACDM system to improve flight punctuality, to developing airport waiting apps to improve passenger satisfaction; from using RFID technology to improve the quality of baggage transportation, to using big data technology to reduce flight delays; from the entire process of paperless to improve passenger clearance efficiency, To face recognition to improve the efficiency of passenger security inspection...The construction of smart airports has achieved gratifying results in passenger transportation. We should see that the airport also shoulders the mission of developing air cargo, and the construction of airport smart cargo must be given sufficient attention.

At present, various places are making full use of the Internet of Things technology to improve the degree of intelligence of airports, but there are still problems such as intelligent construction that focuses on passengers and light goods, focuses on a single technology, and fails to keep up with technological development and progress in the operation and management of smart airports . The author believes that the construction of smart airport freight requires systematic thinking and top-level design.

First of all, the construction of airport smart cargo must adhere to market-oriented and systematic thinking. It is necessary to fully demand technology from the market to promote the transformation of internal management concepts. Technology never advances alone, but must be closely integrated with market demand. The construction of smart airport freight must follow the laws of technological market development. According to the maturity of the technology in the market, one will be introduced and developed one by one. Actively change management concepts while introducing technology. We must use advanced information technology to reconstruct the organization and management system, rebuild the product structure system, reshape the business model and profit model, optimize the corporate governance system, and truly adapt to the changes brought about by technology in management. , Adapting to the changes of the times from the concept. The top-level design of the airport's smart cargo construction should be done, and the construction blueprint and implementation path should be formed. The planning and construction of smart cargo should be included in the initial stage of the overall planning and construction of the airport.

Secondly, the construction of smart airport freight must form an information technology application chain. Complete information technology mainly includes three levels: bottom-level sensing technology, middle-level network technology, top-level big data technology and artificial intelligence. Sensing technology is the foundation of the Internet of Everything and the foundation of wisdom for airport freight. At present, mature airport freight transportation has applied terminal sensing systems such as PDA terminal system, radio frequency identification system, bayonet release system, GPS information system. Taking Henan Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport as an example, it uses these terminal sensing systems to track the entire transportation dynamics of goods from trucks to airplanes to obtain real-time data of freight, which constitutes the technical foundation of multimodal transportation. Network technology is the channel foundation for data transmission and the smart channel for airport cargo. Big data technology is the key to discovering the value of data, and it is also the core of the wisdom of airport freight. Using big data technology, bringing together massive amounts of complex data to the cloud for integration, analysis, sharing, and prediction, using artificial intelligence to form a self-feedback loop system, and ultimately achieving self-learning, self-thought and self-action.

Finally, the construction of smart airport freight must be integrated into the construction of smart cities. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently close to 600 smart city pilot projects in China, and local governments have successively formulated smart city construction plans. As an important infrastructure of the city, the airport is an important part and an important execution unit of the smart city system. This requires clarification of the dialectical relationship between the whole and the part, so that the airport's smart cargo can achieve the greatest effect. For example, in the process of realizing smart freight construction, Zhengzhou Airport has developed a multimodal transportation information platform to realize the complete connection between air transportation and other transportation modes in the city, thereby incorporating the construction of smart freight into the smart transportation system of a smart city. In the future, Zhengzhou Airport Freight will also use multimodal transport as the entry point, enabling its multimodal transport companies to actively participate in the construction of smart Zhengzhou, and ultimately form a harmonious and smart ecosystem.


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