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RFID Knowledges

RFID technology plays a major role in the intelligent management of electric vehicles in communities

News posted on: 2020/7/24 15:45:57 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology plays a major role in the intelligent management of electric vehicles in communities

RFID technology plays a major role in the intelligent management of electric vehicles in communities

With the rapid development of society, travel tools are also diversified, the number of electric bicycles is rising linearly, and the ubiquitous electric bicycles have become a major problem in management. Community, property, industrial park, express delivery, takeaway riders, etc. have become the main venues for electric vehicles. The large number of electric bicycles makes the management more difficult, which brings great challenges to the management of traffic order and the construction of social security. The electric vehicle anti-theft system project adopts a brand-new Internet of Things technology, which enables the system to realize fully automatic and refined management, which can solve major problems such as the loss and theft of electric vehicles for community citizens, provide good services to citizens, and greatly improve The efficiency of community management.

As more and more electric vehicles are stolen, more and more community residents are complaining about the loss of electric vehicles. At the same time, the loss of electric vehicles is also a headache for community property and public security departments.

How to improve community property management and provide convenience for citizens, there are the following problems:

1. In the case of preventing the theft of electric vehicles, it can be more convenient for residents of the community to enter and exit.

2. How to distinguish between foreign vehicles and vehicles in the community, and prevent the theft of foreign vehicles in the community.

In response to many problems in electric vehicle management, the electric vehicle anti-theft management system using RFID technology solves the phenomenon of electric vehicles being stolen. Using RFID radio frequency identification technology, combined with the access control system, we have developed an electric vehicle anti-theft system that can Quickly read the vehicle information of electric vehicles, and realize the "electronic identity authentication" of electric vehicles through encryption and other operations, thereby effectively solving the problem of theft of electric vehicles in communities, schools, and parking lots.

System highlights

The electric vehicle management system is combined with RFID technology, which uses the characteristics of fast processing speed, accurate data, and automatic identification. An active electronic tag is worn to the electric vehicle, which can automatically identify each electric vehicle, and it can count each district. The number of electric vehicles can be bound with the owner, so that the identity of the owner is more clear, and the electric vehicles in the community can be managed more effectively to prevent theft.

RFID electronic tags

By embedding RFID electronic tags on the electric vehicle, the vehicle card and user information are bound through the database. When the cyclist enters and exits the gate, the sensor automatically recognizes the vehicle card and the personnel card, and transmits the backstage for legal comparison.

RFID reading and writing equipment base station

Place a directional base station on both sides inside and outside the gate of the cell. Through the sequence, the entry and exit of the electric vehicle can be effectively judged. When the electric vehicle enters the recognition range of the directional base station, the data will be transmitted to the system center through the 2.4G channel. Through system processing, the system can accurately determine the in and out status of the vehicle. At the same time, combined with the access control installed at the gate of the community, it can be determined whether the electric vehicle is taken out of the community illegally.

Access control system

The access control system can sense whether there are vehicles entering and exiting in real time through the directional base stations installed on both sides of the door, and determine whether there are illegal electric vehicles entering and exiting the community based on whether there is a car card binding to prevent the vehicle from being stolen. If the owner carries the card, then Can enter and exit the community smoothly, otherwise the system will prompt an alarm, and the gate guard actively asks. Effectively improve the property management and service level of the community.

temporary card

Temporary cards can be used in the community, mainly for outsiders and electric vehicles entering the community, by temporarily wearing an RFID tag for people and electric vehicles, at the same time, the personnel card and electric vehicle card have been bound in the background of the system to prevent Foreign electric vehicles are lost in the community.

With RFID automatic identification technology as the basis of data collection for the entire system, by issuing RFID electronic tags to each electric vehicle in the area to bind license plate information, an RFID urban electric bicycle management system is established to realize the security of electric vehicles, vehicle tracking, and traffic. Intelligent management of control and other systems. RFID technology combined with electric bicycle management through the installation of an RFID electronic tag in the license plate issued by the electric bicycle, so that each electric bicycle has a unique "ID card", so that real-name electric bicycle management is implemented to ensure one license per vehicle.


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