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RFID Jewelry Smart Store Management

News posted on: 2020/8/5 13:47:11 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID Jewelry Smart Store Management

RFID Jewelry Smart Store Management

Jewelry not only has the characteristics of decoration and beauty, but also has the advantages of preservation and appreciation. The jewelry market has always maintained rapid growth, and asset management in the jewelry industry has become a new generation of challenges. The inventory of jewelry stores and warehousing logistics is the top priority. RFID smart store jewelry management is to bind RFID technology to the identity of jewelry. In the managed stores, warehousing, and logistics, RFID electronic tags are attached to valuable jewelry products, and the number of jewelry in the counter and storage is automatically collected. information.

Advantages of RFID technology in jewelry management:

Invoicing management: different from traditional invoicing management, jewelry is not mass-produced, and the product styles and sizes produced after jewelry design are different, so it cannot be indifferentiated according to the traditional invoicing management. Management. At the same time, jewelry, as a high-value product, must maintain a high degree of consistency between the physical information and the book information. Frequent whole-store inventory is inevitable. All of these have put forward higher requirements and more challenges for the purchase, sales and inventory management of the jewelry industry.

Customer management: Jewelry is a light luxury product. This feature determines that it must have a deep understanding of customers and make products that customers love. However, consumption upgrades are now very fast, and the concept of fashion is also changing rapidly. How to cater to customer preferences? Do a good job of collecting customer needs and other aspects of management at a time, and quickly know the styles that customers prefer.

Jewelry sales management: also because of the special attributes of jewelry, how to better show the characteristics of jewelry to customers, how to create a better buying experience for customers, these all play a vital role in promoting sales, therefore, for the jewelry industry In other words, to improve the overall sales capacity of the store requires multi-faceted technical support.

Perform RFID electronic tag binding on each jewelry product, and record the weight, purity, grade, warehouse, storage area, shelf and other jewelry information on the national inspection certificate on the tag. RFID electronic tags have the only unchangeable code in the world. Generally, RFID handhelds are matched with fixed readers to improve the efficiency of inventory. The automatic collection of warehouse entry and exit data improves the accuracy and reliability of jewelry in stores, warehousing and logistics management, and realizes rapid inventory, real-time tracking and intelligent sales management.


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