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RFID Knowledges

RFID technology for drug management in operating rooms

News posted on: 2020/8/6 14:28:35 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology for drug management in operating rooms

RFID technology for drug management in operating rooms

In view of the current situation, drug transfer and drug shortages are more serious, hospitals are now more than ever paying attention to the deployment of automatic identification technology in the operating room to save staff time and significantly reduce the occurrence of human errors. This is especially important in the operating room, because the anesthesiologist in the operating room uses hundreds of vials or syringes for the patient every day, while ensuring that the patient gets the correct medicine.

Nowadays, hospitals have two technical modes for drug inventory management in operating rooms: barcodes and RFID. Barcode technology can manage access to medicines, standardize them and support regulatory compliance. In addition, barcode scanning technology also helps to reduce the risk of medication errors in the process of taking medicines and tonics.

Recently, advanced RFID technology has further improved the visibility of drugs in the operating room by accurately calculating all drugs (including item-level narcotics) and integrating complete electronic health records. Real-time tracking and management of medication methods. This technology provides an uninterrupted, user-friendly experience for the anesthesiology department, while providing real-time visibility and reliable data indicators for the pharmacy. For decades, hospitals have been particularly in need of automatic identification technology such as RFID.

Now that the hospital has the right hardware and software technology, clinicians can reduce manual inventory management tasks and focus more on the most important aspect of patient care.


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