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RFID technology promotes the intelligent development of the tobacco industry

News posted on: 2020/8/14 17:00:53 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology promotes the intelligent development of the tobacco industry

RFID technology promotes the intelligent development of the tobacco industry

In recent years, with the development of the Internet, the Internet of Things technology has become more mature and more widely used, which has effectively promoted the intelligent development of industry, agriculture, transportation, logistics and other fields. An important support for the development of the Internet of Things is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). technology. After years of development, Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble and other companies have applied RFID in production, transportation, and retail links, saving companies a lot of operating costs and reducing a lot of economic losses. At present, tobacco industrial and commercial enterprises have conducted a lot of exploration. For example, use RFID technology to strengthen the management of tobacco leaf quality traceability and the entire chain of tobacco leaf circulation; for example, use RFID technology to break the blind area of data collection of production equipment and logistics equipment; for example, use Internet of Things technology to perceive consumption habits and predict consumption trends. The author believes that the tobacco industry should continue to accelerate the construction of the Internet of Things, promote the application of RFID technology, and integrate intelligent development into the overall pattern of digital economic development.

The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration's "Implementation Opinions on Building a Modern Tobacco Economic System to Promote the High-quality Development of the Tobacco Industry" specifies the work direction for establishing the industry's Internet of Things. As a supplier of large-scale and large-scale services for retail terminals, whether it is from the short-term demand of meeting real-time data acquisition or the long-term goal of high-quality development, it is necessary to use RFID technology to establish a complete real-time data collection and Tracking platform, by accelerating the construction of the Internet of Things, realizes the whole process control of cigarettes.

In the production process, provide a "birth certificate" for cigarettes. The various data indicators of the commercial zero-consumer link can provide data support for cigarette production planning and quality traceability. Implanting RFID in cigarettes, writing cigarette production and operation information in the big data system, creating a "birth certificate" for cigarettes, can achieve more efficient quality tracking.

In the supply chain, provide a "proof of work" for cigarettes. Social inventory data collected in real time can provide a decision-making basis for the operation of commercial enterprises. Using the positioning function of RFID, operating information is entered into the big data system to realize automatic arrival confirmation and fixed-point sales. Provide "Proof of Post" for cigarettes to realize the tracking of the whole sales process.

In the sales link, "work certificates" are issued for cigarettes. With the help of RFID technology, cigarette retail data can be collected in real time, accurately, efficiently, and comprehensively, which can help industrial and commercial enterprises grasp market demand and grasp market dynamics at the fastest speed. At the same time, with the support of RFID technology, automatic real-time collection of social inventory, retail inventory and sales data can be realized, providing a scientific basis for precise inventory management.

In the consumption link, provide a "sale certificate" for cigarettes. Consumption data has important guiding significance for all tasks of cigarettes. Develop WeChat "small programs" to allow consumers to verify the legality of cigarettes based on their radio frequency information and protect their rights. At the same time, early warning of illegal circulation of cigarettes can be carried out to realize consumption tracking.

With the help of RFID technology, real-time monitoring of data in all aspects of cigarette production and sales can be realized, and the work mode of "multi-in-one, data interconnection, full-process controllable, and closed-loop management" can be realized, and an "ID card" for the entire process of cigarette production to consumption can be constructed. Management system.

The application prospects of the Internet of Things in the tobacco industry

With the support of RFID technology, through the integration of data links, the entire cigarette production and sales link can achieve the goals of retail terminals submitting orders according to demand, commercial enterprises organizing supply according to orders, production enterprises organizing production according to orders, and monopoly departments conducting supervision according to early warning . The author believes that the Internet of Things based on RFID technology should play a greater role in the following aspects.

Collecting information from bottom to top facilitates big data statistics, cloud computing analysis, and provides a basis for scientific decision-making. With the help of the Internet of Things, consumers can directly verify the authenticity of products and provide consumption information; customers can control their own inventory information in real time and report supply demand information; industrial and commercial enterprises can report the progress of cigarette production and operation based on their own "safety stock quantity" Demand, through bottom-up demand information feedback, increase tobacco companies' ability to control market demand and changes, provide real-time data for production and operation decisions, and improve operational quality and efficiency.

Effectively curb the inflow and outflow of counterfeit non-cigarettes, and create a standardized and orderly market environment. Counterfeit non-cigarettes must be sold as real cigarettes. Due to the uniqueness and non-replicability of radio frequency identification, counterfeit cigarettes without RFID will lose sales opportunities. From the perspective of curbing the illegal circulation of real cigarettes, cigarettes produced using RFID technology can only be sold at designated locations, which can block the illegal circulation of real cigarettes. From the perspective of regulators, with the help of RFID technology, the identification process of cigarettes has been simplified, and the difficulty of supervision is greatly reduced.

Real-time grasp of the data of various business links, promote the orderly flow of cigarettes, and standardize cigarette business behavior. In the production process, it is necessary to ensure that the number of RFID is equal to the number of the production plan, so as to not only monitor the production plan of cigarettes in real time, but also prepare for the later quality traceability; in the supply link, through positioning, all kinds of illegal operations can be eliminated In the sales link, sales information can be automatically collected, and analysis can be strengthened, which can effectively strengthen the management of retail households and prevent the emergence of illegal operations by retail households. At the same time, retail customers can do a good job of anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft based on radio frequency information to effectively protect their own interests.

The consumer terminal is controllable, inspectable and verifiable, which is conducive to enhancing social recognition. Consumers can verify the authenticity of purchased cigarettes through WeChat "mini programs". At the same time, it is possible to strengthen the supervision of the entire market, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and enhance consumer identity.

Conducive to reducing logistics costs. In the warehousing link, the status of cigarette storage can be grasped in real time to realize the intelligent management of the inventory; in the distribution link, the physical cigarettes, sales receipts, and business addresses are checked to avoid violations such as "inadequate delivery" and "halfway dumping"; Through resource integration, use big data and cloud computing functions to integrate warehousing and logistics resources in the industry, and do a good job in the scientific selection of transit warehouses in order to effectively reduce logistics costs and improve work efficiency.

Prepare for future development and adapt to the development trend of unmanned sales. With the development of technology, the unmanned sales model has gradually entered people's lives and has shown a trend of gradual popularity. The unmanned sales model puts forward higher and newer requirements for monopoly supervision. Under the conditions of the application of the Internet of Things technology, monopoly personnel can verify the legitimacy of cigarettes based on radio frequency information without touching the cigarettes, and maintain a good state of the cigarette market.


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