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How to keep a safe social distance by distance monitoring bracelet

News posted on: 2020/8/20 16:05:32 - by Chenxi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

How to keep a safe social distance by distance monitoring bracelet

How to keep a safe social distance by distance monitoring bracelet

The BT04 distance monitoring bracelet newly developed by our company is the latest product in response to the epidemic. It is lightweight and generous in appearance, easy to carry and put on and take off, simple and beautiful, and matches with daily work uniforms. The main thing is that it is powerful and accurate.


The Distance Monitoring Bracelet (alias name such as distance Reminder, Protector, Smart Distance Alert, Social Distance Reminder, Smart Wristband, Distance Trace Bracelet, Smart Distance Keeper, Keyfob Distance Reminder, Necklet Distance Reminder) especially designed to avoid closing social contact from anyone to the others, future function of the device is for system Integrators to develop cloud application for the civilian in order to guarantee and movement traceability of civilian (most are workers, employees & students) staying at a safe social distance from any two of closing peoples and away from infector of disease.

The safe distance prompt is efficient

As we all know, in order to face the economic and social problems brought about by the epidemic, while governments of various countries are actively developing their economies, they also focus on reminding the people to wear masks and keep a safe distance whether they are away from home or after work. It has excellent results on such issues. Whether in the factory or in the conference room, whether it is stationary or moving, as long as the two bracelets are below the set safe distance, the bracelet will vibrate and make a sound, and the contact time will be compared with the contact data. Upload the data to the Tracking System background on the APP.

Basing on LED light indicator and vibration notice, any of two closing peoples will be reminded to each other in real time.Key point is to instruct people move away from potential disease and traceability in the future.

Accurate temperature display

Another powerful function of this bracelet is that it eliminates the need for manual temperature measurement, greatly reduces manpower and time, and makes the temperature more accurate. It only needs to be connected via Bluetooth, and the temperature can be displayed on the phone’s app. The data background will automatically analyze and display the health status of the person. If the temperature is abnormal, the person who has been in contact with it can be found through the Tracking System.

Data upload quickly

Don’t be afraid of too much data and difficult to identify. We have an app developed by ourselves, which can be installed in the Android system. Put the bracelet in front of the app. It only takes a few seconds to upload all the data to the database, and After analysis, the bracelet can also be used as an attendance system, which is also an extremely convenient measure.


Long working hours

This bracelet can have a long battery life. It can continue to maintain good working efficiency without charging for 5-7 days; the charging method is simple, any USB interface can be charged, and wired or wireless charging methods are available. , It is more in line with the needs of various customers.


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