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RFID technology brings about a revolution in reading

News posted on: 2020/9/14 13:45:10 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology brings about a revolution in reading

RFID technology brings about a revolution in reading

Leo Tolstoy said that ideal books are the key to wisdom. Reading is easy to educate morality, inspiration, enlightenment, and history of the Ming Dynasty. It is the ladder of human progress. Books make us the inheritors of the spiritual life of various times. The number of people who love to read is increasing, and the problems they are facing gradually become prominent. As a reader, do you often encounter the following problems: I found out that there are books I want to borrow in the library, but I can’t find them; the staff are always busy and don’t have time to answer questions; I want to know the current hot books but there is no way Learned. As a library staff, there are also problems and confusions: the inventory is difficult and the workload is large, not in management but in manual labor; the more and more work is accumulated; the manpower is expensive, and there is no way to provide better services. A series of problems need to be solved urgently. From the perspective of improving reading happiness, Kuiniu Technology has launched an RFID smart bookshelf and a smart unmanned library full of technology.

Speaking of RFID smart bookshelves, let’s first explain what RFID technology is. RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. There are three components: 1. Tag, coupling element and chip. Each tag has A specific electronic code is attached to the object to mark the target; 2. Reader, a device for reading tag information; 3. Wireless, transmitting radio frequency signals between the tag and the reader. Its working method is to automatically identify the target object and obtain related data through radio frequency signals. The identification work does not require manual intervention. It can work in various harsh environments, can identify high-speed moving objects and simultaneously identify multiple tags, which is quick and convenient.

The smart bookshelf based on RFID technology solves the above problems: 1. The smart bookshelf can update the book placement position at any time, and readers can learn about book information through the query terminal. When the bookshelf detects a new book, it will automatically place the new book on the shelf Marked into the database, readers can easily find books. 2. If readers or staff put the books on the wrong shelf, the system will automatically display the situation of the wrong shelf and guide timely processing. 3. It can cooperate with the library's automatic system to complete the inventory work, generate a list of books on shelf, and solve the problem of large inventory workload. 4. Realize the real-time monitoring of books. After the RFID module collects the book tag information, it will transmit the data to the system to implement 24 hours a day monitoring and provide the inquiry system with shelf information positioning.

The intelligent unmanned library management system uses RFID technology to integrate access control, library cards, book tags, tag conversion devices, indoor self-checking machines, smart inventory devices, and librarian workstations to achieve convenient book management Features. When readers walk into the RFID smart library, they only need to enter the name of the book they want to read on the self-checking device, retrieve the level information of the area where the book is located, and then read their debit card on the self-checking device And enter the borrower's information, you can leave with your beloved book, the whole process can be completed without contact with anyone. In a smart library, use the mobile inventory system to scan books, and the system will automatically locate the bookshelf where the book should be stored, and just push the on-board books to the designated bookshelf. The service mode is more advanced and the work mode is easier. Promote steps with technology, so that reading does not stop; enjoy life, start with smart reading.


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