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RFID technology boosts intelligent anti-theft control of electric vehicles

News posted on: 2020/9/27 9:51:47 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology boosts intelligent anti-theft control of electric vehicles

RFID technology boosts intelligent anti-theft control of electric vehicles

The electric vehicle management system combines RFID technology, and uses the characteristics of fast processing speed, accurate data, and automatic identification of the technology. An active electronic tag is worn to the electric vehicle, which can automatically identify each electric vehicle, and can count each The number of electric vehicles in the community can be bound with the owner, so that the identity of the owner can be more clearly defined, and the electric vehicles in the community can be managed more effectively to prevent theft. RFID technology boosts the intelligent anti-theft control of electric vehicles.

The vehicle anti-theft system includes related product hardware, including 2.4G RFID base station readers, electric vehicle tags, personnel tags, and access control identification systems.

1. RFID electronic tags

By embedding RFID electronic tags on electric vehicles, the vehicle card and user information are bound through the database. When the cyclist enters and exits the gate, the sensor automatically recognizes the vehicle card and the personnel card, and transmits the backstage for legal comparison.

2. RFID base station

Place a base station at the entrance and exit of the cell. When the electric vehicle enters the recognition range of the directional base station, it will transmit the data to the system center through the 2.4G channel. Through system processing, the system can accurately determine the state of the vehicle. At the same time, combined with the access control installed at the gate of the community, it can be judged whether the electric vehicle is taken out of the community illegally.

3. Access control system

The access control system is set up to identify the car owner entering and exiting the community. When it is recognized that a vehicle enters the sensing range, if the car owner carries the card, the car can enter and exit the community smoothly, otherwise the system will prompt an alarm and the door guard actively asks.

4. Temporary card

The community can reserve temporary cards, mainly for outsiders and electric vehicles entering the community, by temporarily issuing an RFID tag to people and electric vehicles, and at the same time, the personnel card and electric vehicle card have been bound in the background of the system to prevent Foreign electric vehicles are lost in the community.

The access control system can sense whether there are vehicles entering or exiting in real time through the base station installed at the door, and determine whether there are illegal electric vehicles entering or exiting the community based on whether there is a car card binding, preventing vehicles from being stolen, and effectively improving the community’s property management and service level.

RFID electric vehicle management can provide corresponding software business functions, mainly including: user management, card management, data query and statistics, and vehicle access management. User management: realize functions such as authority management of users who use the system; card management: realize management functions of smart cards, including card detection, issuance, card information, card initialization; data query and statistics: realize data query and statistics functions, Query statistics about the current parking situation of vehicles; vehicle management: realize the operator's entry and exit management functions for temporary vehicles, and store records at the same time.

The property management personnel of the community can modify the data information in the system according to the increase or decrease of the electric vehicles of the citizens in the community, and can carry out the binding operation of the human vehicle card by themselves. At the same time, the car card can be used to record the daily entry and exit of cars in the community in real time, perform data statistics, and provide more effective data information for property management.

Distribute RFID electronic tags to each electric car in the community, and associate the tag number with the owner's information to achieve accurate correspondence between vehicle information and basic personnel information, and record the brand, model, color, size, and weight of the electric car; the identity information of the owner , Residential address, contact information and other basic information. Facilitate the reissuance of lost electronic tags, information update of electric vehicle transfer, registration of stolen vehicles, and suspicious vehicle inspections.

Electric vehicle anti-theft adopts advanced radio frequency identification technology and network transmission technology, supported by background management software, to realize the anti-theft and management of community electric vehicles. It includes the following three parts:

1) Radio frequency identification technology, including electronic tags and readers. The electronic tag has a globally unique ID number, which can realize the unique identification of all electric vehicles. The reader can automatically collect the ID number of the electronic tag and transmit it to the database for identity verification.

2) Network transmission technology, which transmits the tag information collected by the reader to a network server in a certain format.

3) Background management software, including basic database and management application system for electric vehicles. The basic data inventory contains the basic information of all electric vehicles, such as owner, model, license plate number, electronic tag number and so on. The management application system will realize a series of management functions such as vehicle registration, cancellation, reissuance, transfer, loss reporting, and anti-theft supervision, and provide various query and statistical functions.

Using active 2.4G RFID Internet of Things basic technology, through the installation and deployment of RFID 2.4G read-write equipment base stations at multiple traffic intersections, commercial blocks, residential quarters, and major intersections of urban-rural junctions within each urban area, information collection is carried out. cover. The base station of the RFID 2.4G read-write device automatically collects and uploads the data of the RFID electronic tags installed on the electric vehicles within the MiG area to the back-end platform, so that the vehicle information and owner information can be quickly checked to prevent theft and registration.


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