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RFID Knowledges

RFID technology is used in the field of financial escort

News posted on: 2020/10/13 15:06:52 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology is used in the field of financial escort

RFID technology is used in the field of financial escort

With the rapid development of financial escort business, the centralized management of the bank’s back-end is continuously optimized and upgraded. The centralized management of the bank’s assets and equipment requires the realization of the “safe and efficient” integration of “management, control, and operation” and information Chemical control. Money transportation is a key part of the bank's safe operation, and it is related to the normal operation of the bank's business outlets and the safety of funds. Banknote transport service vehicles and escorts are often highly random and highly mobile. Only relying on traditional manual comparison of license plates and photos can no longer effectively implement the identity authentication work during the transfer of banknotes. The traditional manual cash drawer management mode and data collection method have been unable to meet the fast and accurate requirements of bank management, and cannot improve the overall operating efficiency of the bank. The application of RFID technology in the field of financial escort is safe and efficient, realizing efficient asset management and improving the efficiency of bank asset management. RFID equipment makes financial escort safe and efficient.

Through our RFID technology, we can realize the whole-process, real-time and automated management and monitoring of the entire business process, respond to alarms as soon as problems occur, and eliminate the forgery of credentials caused by human factors, and ensure the safety and security of tail box management. accuracy. Through the integrated financial tail box escort integrated business RFID management information system, dispatching monitoring, tail box warehouse management, bullet management, vehicle management, tail box handover management, logistics support management, business settlement management, alarm plan handling and other tasks are integrated into Implement unified management on a unified platform.

Through RFID technology, the system automatically monitors personnel authorization management to prevent embezzlement, wrong collection and fraudulent collection caused by staff cheating and mistakes; cash box out of the warehouse, warehousing, handover and other links, equipment automatically enters the constitutional cash box, and personnel are authorized to match , If the matching is not successful, alarm; realize automatic, real-time monitoring, automatic and real-time collection of status information in the entire process of cash box in and out, escort, and handover, and feedback to the dispatch center, and output bank settlement data. Each tail box has a special information identification (RFID) electronic tag. Every person who picks up the tail box and the person in charge of the handover of the bank branch also has a special identification information identification electronic tag. The gun holder has a special gun certificate ( RFID electronic tags).

The escort picks up the handheld RFID read-write device with the RFID identity tag, and downloads the work task list from the wireless network on the handheld RFID read-write device. The task list already contains the tail box card number, the line bank branch, and the money transport vehicle required for the work. Card number, bullet number and quantity and other information; according to the assigned task, use the RFID identification tag to receive firearms and ammunition, escort vehicles, and cash boxes. The receiving system will automatically identify and verify their identity information. The correct one will be released, and the incorrect one will be sent to the police; when When the banknote truck with RFID electronic tag passes the RFID access management system, the system automatically detects and proofreads the relevant information. The correct one passes, and the incorrect one will alarm; during the handover process of the tail box, the handheld RFID reader can be used to authenticate the identity of both parties , Read and automatically check the information of the handover tail box as the basis for handover with the bank branch, and upload the wireless network to the dispatch monitoring center when the handover of the tail box occurs.

Inventory process in the library: RFID identification equipment automatically reads the cash box tag data in the library in real time, and collects real-time statistics in the workshop or prison area.

Treasury entry and exit identification process: Cash boxes pass through the entrance and exit in batches, and the RFID identification device communication gateway judges the read cash box information and in and out behaviors, and sends the judgment results to the business system backend. The background of the business system displays real-time access recognition status of each access control point, and automatically alerts for abnormal data.

The automatic inventory process of the handheld device in the treasury: personnel walk around the treasury with the RFID handheld device, and the cash box information in the surrounding area is automatically displayed on the RFID handheld device. After the inventory is completed, the RFID handset automatically displays the statistical information such as the cash drawer that has been inventoryed, and uploads it to the business system platform.

Vehicle escort process: When the vehicle is started, the calibration reader starts to count, reads the cashbox tag, personnel tag, and gun tag data within the vehicle area, compares it with the whitelist in the communication gateway, and judges the lack or increase , Generate alarm records and upload them to the system platform. The communication gateway receives system platform instructions, performs real-time inventory of vehicle equipment, and uploads inventory records to the system background. When the personnel's gun leaves a certain range of the vehicle, the system will alert.

Bank financial escort and treasury management realize integrated services. RFID technology implements automatic data collection and management for the inventory, entry and exit of escorts, guns, cash boxes, and cash boxes in the escort process. The financial tail box escort integrated business combines RFID technology to quickly process dispatch monitoring, tail box warehouse management, bullet management, vehicle management, tail box handover management, logistics support management, business settlement management, and alarm plan disposal.


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