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RFID technology realizes intelligent management of vehicle access

News posted on: 2020/11/4 14:07:53 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology realizes intelligent management of vehicle access

RFID technology realizes intelligent management of vehicle access

With the continuous improvement of living standards and the continuous increase in car ownership, vehicle management has become the focus of attention. How to quickly solve the problem of vehicle entry and exit identification, self-service payment, and reduce the lag problems of traffic jams, labor, and waiting in line. RFID technology is linked to the control of barriers, so that vehicles can pass through automatically without worry. RFID technology can realize that vehicles with effective electronic tags do not stop and facilitate passage It saves time and improves the traffic efficiency of the intersection. RFID technology realizes the intelligent management of vehicle entry and exit, which can monitor the vehicle entry and exit of the community or parking lot in real time, accurately verify the identity of the exiting vehicle and the owner, maintain regional public order, and make the security management of the community or parking lot more humanized and informative , Intelligent and efficient.

Barriers are generally installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. When the volume of vehicles is large, it is easy to cause vehicle congestion. Vehicles must stop to obtain a parking card to pass in and out. It also causes vehicle congestion and cannot achieve barrier-free fast For traffic, there is a long waiting time for vehicles to park, which affects the normal order of entry and exit.

It is currently applied to parking lot charging management, greatly improving the efficiency of vehicle management. Vehicle owners can enter and exit the parking lot without stopping, and the identity of vehicle users can be automatically identified through the computer. This is a good experience for both the car owner and the parking administrator. Jianghuyun FRID radio frequency technology uses non-contact information collection on long-distance moving targets, and the system implements automatic management by identifying the collected information.

Long-distance recognition is possible. Because the recognition distance is up to 10m and the system’s signal penetration capability is strong, the owner’s vehicle with the card can enter and exit at a faster speed, without the driver having to park, roll down the window, or extend his arm to approach the reading. Card machine and other operations greatly improve the traffic efficiency. The administrator shall provide a temporary card for the entry and exit of temporary vehicles.

Automatically record the time and place of passage. When the card holder enters and exits, the computer will automatically record the passage record, and the record cannot be deleted, which is convenient for querying, statistics and various report generation of vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the community, thereby eliminating errors and forgery And cheating.

Temporary vehicles are automatically billed. After the card is read, the fee is automatically calculated according to the admission time and charging standards. The administrator provides free parking cards for special vehicles. The free parking cards have special settings and cannot be faked.

The RFID vehicle management system involves card issuance, basic data entry, exit application and approval, entry and exit monitoring, and record query.

Card issuance: The electronic tag is made into a vehicle license, and then the data information in the vehicle license is read through the card issuing device and uploaded to the PC, and the electronic vehicle license is authorized through the software system. After completing the information input, fix the electronic vehicle certificate to the vehicle body or paste it on the window glass.

Data entry: enter relevant information such as car users, vehicles, drivers, and approvers.

Vehicle application and approval: According to the agency's vehicle use management regulations, any unit or individual must apply and review before using a vehicle. Before the user uses the vehicle, he applies for the use of the vehicle application system through the unit's internal network to the superior management personnel. After receiving the application, the management personnel will give an approval and the result will be automatically sent to the system. If the approval is passed, the vehicle is allowed to go out; if the approval is not passed, the vehicle goes out illegally and immediately report to the police.

Entry and exit monitoring: When the vehicle enters or exits the gate or the supervision area, the data acquisition system automatically collects the data in the electronic vehicle license, performs registration, and judges. The system is in automatic monitoring and acquisition status. When a legal vehicle enters and exits, the system passes the judgment and displays the release so that the vehicle can pass freely. At the same time, the system will record the time of vehicle entry and exit; when an illegal vehicle enters and exits, the system will automatically alarm and the automatic barrier will not be opened; only when the tag is damaged, The system will automatically prompt, and the staff can change the card, or manually release it. At the same time, the system will automatically control the surveillance camera to take photos or videos of passing vehicles, and the image data will be automatically stored by the computer for query.

Record query: According to multiple conditions such as time and vehicle information, the system can query and manage vehicle traffic data in real time to meet management requirements.

General vehicles use special RFID windshield tags, which are accurate, sensitive and remote. RFID technology realizes the intelligent automatic management of vehicle entry and exit. Based on RFID technology, the user’s personal and vehicle information is integrated in the database and written to the RFID electronic tag. When the vehicle enters the parking lot, it is installed at the entrance. The RFID read-write equipment at the entrance and exit performs remote automatic sensing and identification of vehicle information, so that the owner can quickly enter and park.


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