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Digital warehouse production management system based on RFID technology

News posted on: 2020/11/27 16:42:09 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Digital warehouse production management system based on RFID technology

Digital warehouse production management system based on RFID technology

Digital warehousing production management is delivered to each station in the production workshop in real time according to the differentiated needs of customers, so that each station can correctly execute the content and requirements of the order, facilitate the monitoring of the entire production process, and flexibly make targeted adjustments according to production needs , Provide basic data for managers to adjust production plans, material purchase plans, and staffing in a timely manner, greatly reducing production costs.

The digital warehouse production management system based on RFID technology introduces RFID technology into the existing warehouse production management, and the overall operation process is quite different from traditional warehouses. Through RFID technology, it is possible to realize automatic data collection of data in each operation link of the warehouse and ensure the speed and accuracy of data input in each link of warehouse management, ensuring that the company can timely and accurately grasp the real data of the inventory and the control of each link of the production process control.

The system is divided into the following four-layer architecture (collection layer, communication layer, system application layer, system integration layer):

System composition:

1. Data acquisition module

Based on UHF RFID technology, data is automatically collected through an RFID reader, and MES instructions are accepted to read and write RFID electronic tags.

2. Production planning module

Import production information through MES and EPR interfaces for production plan management and query, and manage work time.

3. Production management module

Through the Honlu RFID reading and writing equipment, the information obtained in the assembly station, quality inspection station, repair station and label station of the product is processed.

4. Production monitoring module

Through the database, refresh and count the real-time production information data, which is convenient for managers to monitor in real time.

5. Production quality module

This module is to design the required inspection items for each order, and plan the inspection in batches, so that the management staff can confirm the actual quality inspection results through the system.

The RFID reader reads a large amount of EPC data of the RFID electronic tags on the production line, and realizes the system's alarm for the production line lack of material, wrong material and industrial errors. The MES system responsible for production management and scheduling execution makes full use of the technical advantages of RFID to realize the visualization and digital management of manufacturing, quality and warehousing. To shorten the product manufacturing cycle, improve work efficiency, and improve the rapid response capability of storage production.


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