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In the farmers market under the epidemic, smart cash register scales and RFID tags help product traceability

News posted on: 2020/11/27 16:45:31 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

In the farmers market under the epidemic, smart cash register scales and RFID tags help product traceability

In the farmers market under the epidemic, smart cash register scales and RFID tags help product traceability

Recently, imported cold-chain foods from several provinces and cities in China have been tested for the new coronavirus. The virus in some foods has even caused people to be infected, which has become an important link in epidemic prevention and control.

However, to prevent and control the epidemic, and to maintain the normal supply and demand of citizens, technology is needed to "think of a solution." In some crowded farmer's markets, the usual cash delivery in the past can be replaced by non-contact scan code payment and face payment to reduce the hidden dangers of communication caused by interpersonal contact.

For the farmer’s market and cold chain food market, the focus is now on product traceability in response to the epidemic. The farmer's market has been transformed into a smart farmer's market after smart upgrades. For example, the introduction of smart hardware devices such as smart cash registers, smart cash register scales, and product electronic tags will help improve the efficiency of market cashiers while achieving efficient and comprehensive epidemic prevention and control.

Take the intelligent cash register weighing integrated scale as an example, the customer only needs to place the dishes on the weighing pan of the cash register scale. The accurate measurement of the cash register scale prevents human-caused shortages. For farmers’ market stall owners, sometimes they are busy packing and processing ingredients, and may not have time to collect money, or they may easily collect wrong or less money during the busy period. Through the built-in voice of the smart cashier weighing integrated scale By broadcasting, shopkeepers can hear the payment information in real time without checking their mobile phones or cash registers, preventing slips and slips.

In addition to shortening the weighing time and improving the accuracy of weighing, it can also display the variety, unit price, weight and amount of the dish in real time on the cash register screen, and even display the vendor’s certificate, product inspection and other information, so that customers can see at a glance. Combined with the intelligent cash register system, the intelligent cash register and weighing integrated scale can also grasp daily sales data, which is convenient for shop owners to make better decisions such as ordering and selecting goods.

Product traceability can also generate a QR code or develop an electronic label for each product. Customers and testing departments can directly identify the origin of the product, production batch and other information by scanning the code, which facilitates rapid and accurate traceability. When a sudden food safety incident occurs, it can be recalled immediately through the QR code traceability. Through various intelligent hardware facilities and data system supporting, ensure food safety and protect the health of citizens, maintain the normal order of the farmer's market, and improve the efficiency of market operations.


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