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Parking lot adopts RFID intelligent management to improve work efficiency

News posted on: 2020/11/30 16:34:26 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Parking lot adopts RFID intelligent management to improve work efficiency

Parking lot adopts RFID intelligent management to improve work efficiency

RFID intelligent parking lot management technology has the characteristics of long recognition distance, high recognition accuracy, fast recognition speed, strong anti-interference ability, long service life, and penetration of non-metallic materials. It is currently widely used in various fields. Difficult parking is a common occurrence in big cities, which bothers many car owners. Procedures such as entering and exiting the parking lot, parking and swiping cards take up more time. At present, the Internet of Things technology intelligent parking lot vehicle management system has been widely adopted, and RFID electronic tags (which can store various information such as vehicle model, license plate number, and relevant information of the owner) are installed in the vehicle to realize automatic vehicle identification and informatization Management, improve the efficiency and safety of vehicles, and count vehicle access data to facilitate management personnel to dispatch, so as to reduce the labor intensity of management personnel, thereby improving work efficiency.

Traditional parking lot management systems focus on billing and toll management functions, focusing on the time of entry and exit of each vehicle to facilitate charging, and consider the safety of the parking lot, operating efficiency and the humanized requirements for customers less. For example, temporary vehicles from outside can issue long-distance RFID cards to realize the automatic identification of vehicles entering and exiting, intelligent parking lots, and intelligent vehicle anti-theft.

The intelligent parking lot system uses RFID radio frequency identification technology and computer control, with a high degree of automation and accurate control. Using long-distance RFID tag technology, good anti-counterfeiting performance. The parked vehicle has a tag card with a unique serial number, which cannot be changed. Multiple encryption technology, unique identification, can not be copied. And only the system is issued and approved. The non-contact smart tag card has no mechanical contact action, long-distance induction communication, no directionality, the card can be read within the long-distance reading range of the reader, and the card reading operation can be completed while the vehicle is not stopping. It is convenient for users to use. The barriers automatically raise and lower according to the traffic conditions of vehicles, and have the function of anti-smashing. The parking fee is calculated and confirmed by the computer. The method of combining computer network and charging software prevents illegal modification and unauthorized access to information. The management computer and each charging computer can realize real-time communication, and the management computer has an external interface, and the network is extensible. The standard industrial control system structure is adopted, and the configuration of different systems can be organized according to the different requirements of users, which is convenient and flexible. Installation, debugging and maintenance are simple and convenient, and easy to replace and repair. The entire system has stable performance and reliable use.

The RFID radio frequency identification system has the unmatched advantages of other identification systems. In addition, the data carrier in the radio frequency identification system has good anti-fouling and anti-wear performance, which is conducive to improving the carrier's reuse rate, increasing its service life and reducing the cost of use Therefore, the intelligent parking lot management system adopts the radio frequency identification system.

On highways, we can often see ETC tolls, that is, using rfid technology, using a bank card installed on the vehicle with an electronic tag (vehicle smart card) and toll station reader and reading and writing through the antenna, and using Internet technology Settle the amount with the bank, so as to achieve the purpose of charging without parking.

Electronic tags based on RFID technology provide convenience for vehicle management, intelligent management realizes efficient management, improves work efficiency, saves manpower and material resources, reduces operating costs and increases system security. Improve vehicle management efficiency.

The principle of the RFID intelligent parking lot management system is that the long-distance parking lot management system attaches the tag that identifies the vehicle to the windshield glass of the car, encodes the car identification information, and calibrates the tag to make it consistent with the system. When a car with a tag enters the reading area, the reading head emits a radio frequency signal to it, and part of the signal received by the tag adjustment is reflected back to the reader, and the reader then reflects the identification code contained in the reflected signal to the code reader to read the code The device decomposes the identification code from the signal, confirms the code according to the standard determined by the user, and transmits the code to the main computer or other data recording equipment. When the vehicle arrives at the exit, the system automatically recognizes the card number by reading the information of the RFID card, and retrieves the corresponding vehicle record through the information in the internal database, so that the interface displays information such as user type, license plate number, and vehicle photo. In order for employees to check and verify, once an illegal user appears, the system will generate an alarm.


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