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Application of RFID technology in clinical blood transfusion safety monitoring

News posted on: 2021/1/8 16:07:41 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of RFID technology in clinical blood transfusion safety monitoring

Application of RFID technology in clinical blood transfusion safety monitoring

Current problems in clinical blood transfusion

All regular hospitals in China will have "Clinical Blood Transfusion Technical Specifications", "Surgery and Traumatic Transfusion Guidelines" and other documents to stipulate the normal execution of medical staff, but many hospitals have irregular blood transfusion procedures and outdated blood matching reports, and blood transfusion regulations formulated by hospitals The system lacks training and has not made the three parties of doctors, nurses, and technicians well-known. The above problems lead to ineffective blood transfusion treatment and even "wrong blood transfusion" accidents occur from time to time and the responsibility is difficult to define, resulting in patient life safety and medical disputes. In the end, there is a lack of high-tech clinical blood monitoring methods, and accidents occur due to imperfect systems and lack of relevant training.

Brand new solution

The full name of RFID in Chinese is radio frequency identification technology. The introduction of this technology has greatly improved the above existing problems. Each bag of blood is incorporated into the Internet of Things architecture, and all processes from blood storage to patient use are automated and supervised, eliminating human errors. Minimize. At the same time, the whole process of blood quality can be traced to the source. In addition, the handover of blood samples is also completed through RFID tags and smart reading devices, which quickly completes the handover of blood samples, reducing the workload and time of handover and reducing the error rate.

Blood sample management

Manage the detection of blood samples and the entry and registration of information in and out of the warehouse through RFID recognition technology to improve work efficiency and reduce error rates.

Blood products in and out management manage the in and out process of blood products through RFID identification technology. The use of RFID handhelds can complete the high-speed batch storage and retrieval of blood products, and the long-distance reading and group reading functions of UHF tags can realize multi-information collection and entry. Accurately register the entry and exit of blood products.

Inventory counting function

Through the batch inventory function of RFID equipment, it is possible to quickly confirm the difference between actual inventory and theoretical inventory, and identify specific blood bags that are missing or recorded errors.

The introduction of the RFID solution can effectively solve the problem of hospital blood transfusion safety monitoring, improve work efficiency, and reduce error rates. The superiority of this program in the management of clinical blood transfusion in hospitals is also slowly showing up in hospitals across the country.


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