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RFID Knowledges

RFID technology is applied to the intelligent parking management of shared motorcycles

News posted on: 2021/1/9 13:42:27 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology is applied to the intelligent parking management of shared motorcycles

RFID technology is applied to the intelligent parking management of shared motorcycles

With the rapid development of shared bicycles, electric vehicles are also being promoted in different cities. It is necessary to solve the parking problem, use new electronic fence technology, and standardize the parking management of shared motorcycles. Install RFID electronic tags "identity card" on motorcycles, and do a good job in the management of motorcycles and high-value bicycles from the source. The application of RFID effectively improves the service level of shared motorcycles and provides good management methods for relevant urban control departments. RFID technology is applied to the intelligent parking management of shared motorcycles.

The hardware components of the intelligent parking management system for RFID shared motorcycles mainly include vehicle identification base stations, parking sensors, and electronic beacons.

Vehicle identification base station (4G transmission): IoT technology base station equipment, used for smart city IoT gateway access, combined with IoT RFID electronic beacons and background systems to form a complete networking system. The vehicle-specific base station realizes data collection, Ethernet, 3G/4G, and multiple upload methods to upload the collected data to the management and control background to ensure the consistency, integrity, and confidentiality of data transmission.

RFID vehicle electronic tag: RFID electronic tag is a dual-chip design, usually does not work, parked in the designated parking area, the beacon sends out signals regularly. The product has outstanding features such as ultra-low power consumption, long service life, low average cost, maintenance-free, and is safe and healthy to the human body, no electromagnetic radiation pollution, and safer to use; the RFID electronic tag has a built-in battery, which can be used under normal conditions More than three years.

Parking sensor: The parking sensor can provide 2 induction belts, each with an induction zone. The signal emitted by the parking sensor can be continuous or pulsed, so for different environments, different recognition speeds and recognition capabilities can be achieved by adjusting the working mode and parameters. A good performance balance is achieved between speed and power consumption.

The RFID electronic tag is embedded on the shared motorcycle, and the beacon and the shared motorcycle information are bound through the database; when the motorcycle is returned, the motorcycle enters the sensing area, and the system determines that it is reasonable to stop, then the lock can be closed and the billing will stop. ; When the motorcycle fails to park in the induction area as required, the lock cannot be closed and the bicycle continues to be charged.

RFID shared motorcycle intelligent parking management function:

User management: realize functions such as authority management for users who use the system;

Beacon management: realize the management functions of smart beacons, including beacon detection, issuance, postponement, restoration, replacement, recovery, manual exit, beacon data, card initialization;

Data query and statistics: realize data query and statistics functions, and query the current parking situation of motorcycles;

Shared motorcycle position management: realize the operator's position management function for motorcycles, and store records at the same time.

Managers can modify the data information in the system according to the increase or decrease of shared vehicles. At the same time, the use of beacons can record the daily entry and exit of vehicles in the parking area in real time, perform data statistics, and provide more effective data information for traffic management. The phenomena of random parking of shared bicycles, occupation of non-motorized lanes, blind roads, green belts and even being hung on trees have attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. How to manage the city's shared bicycles? This makes city managers feel a headache.


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