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RFID Knowledges

Satellite precise locking, NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability, RFID quick inventory

News posted on: 2021/1/20 15:32:18 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Satellite precise locking, NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability, RFID quick inventory

Satellite precise locking, NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability, RFID quick inventory

Through the "cooperation agreement" announced by ICBC, it can be seen that the "Internet of Things-based item traceability certification management and supply chain finance" service has reached cooperation with enterprises to establish production standards, quality assurance, quality classification, product traceability, and funding. The product industry chain that can be monitored throughout the whole process, and with the help of ICBC's e-commerce platform to provide customers with online transaction services, to achieve the organic integration of its products and e-commerce "brand merchants, famous products, and famous stores", and ICBC covers the world The service network of 600 million individual customers enables straight-through and precise marketing of products of different quality levels.

And how to manage and trace the entire process and life cycle of the product? Among them, ICBC has carried out different stages of management through the corresponding "Internet of Things" technical means, including:

1. Use satellite and Internet of Things technology to collect relevant data in real time, realize product production environment monitoring through unique image analysis and data analysis algorithms, analyze and calculate the output, the number of products produced, and provide data support. At the same time, through satellite positioning and Internet of Things technology, accurate locking of product output can be achieved, and the entire process can be applied to the entire process of production, processing, circulation, storage, and sales.

2. "Electronic ID card" anti-counterfeiting traceability mechanism. Establish an anti-counterfeiting and quality and safety tracking and tracing system, paste a specific logo for each product, establish a unique "electronic ID card", bind the product's production location, production date, production batch number and other information with the specific logo, and store it in Anti-counterfeiting traceability management system.

In the after-sales anti-counterfeiting link, consumers use the mobile phone with NFC function to check the authenticity of the product to improve the service experience. At the same time, through online interaction with consumers, the effect of mobile marketing is achieved and O2O e-commerce transactions are realized.

3. Establish product storage, warehousing and logistics management systems. In the warehousing management link, RFID readers are used to quickly complete operations such as warehousing and inventorying of products, improving management efficiency and reducing labor costs. In the logistics management link, partners are recommended to participate in logistics distribution, which improves the operational efficiency of enterprises and reduces logistics costs.

Through satellite positioning, NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability, and rapid RFID inventory in and out of the warehouse, the entire process of management and traceability is established for products. In addition, big data will be used to supervise and manage processing, production, sales and assets, and control the quality of the entire chain of production enterprises.


Supply chain finance is a typical scenario of multi-participation, asymmetric information, imperfect credit mechanism, and non-standard credit targets, which has a natural fit with blockchain technology. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has incorporated a large number of Internet of Things technology into it, making the item-based industry chain more credible and traceable.


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