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RFID Knowledges

RFID recognition technology, let relocation into the information age

News posted on: 2021/3/26 10:41:45 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID recognition technology, let relocation into the information age

RFID recognition technology, let relocation into the information age

RFID technology enables real-time data delivery

RFID technology is the latest application system introduced by Xiong Miao, which has greatly improved Xiong Miao's service quality and also improved the customer's relocation experience to a certain extent. Customers can check the relocation progress, relocation data and other related information in real time through the application system, and enjoy the convenient relocation brought by the new technology.

Print labels to avoid blurry handwriting

Taking into account the status quo of traditional labels in the past that the label information is ambiguous due to various unavoidable factors, Xiong Miao adopts the form of printed chip labels, which can well protect the information marked on articles.

You can check the transportation location on your mobile phone

One of the conveniences brought by informatization is that you can check the location of the relocation vehicle in real time and understand the progress of the relocation. With a mobile phone in hand, the situation of the relocation is under control, bringing customers a whole new relocation experience.

Relocation training, information sharing is more professional

Before the relocation, Xiong Miao will conduct meticulous and professional training for the employees, and explain the relocation requirements emphasized by the customer during the relocation process, and will carry out an orderly division of labor. Such an operation can improve the efficiency of the relocation while ensuring the safety of the relocation of items.


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