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Application of RFID technology in anti-counterfeiting tracking of foreign wine industry

News posted on: 2021/4/14 17:22:01 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of RFID technology in anti-counterfeiting tracking of foreign wine industry

Application of RFID technology in anti-counterfeiting tracking of foreign wine industry

South African wine giant KWV (one of the best wine companies in South Africa) uses RFID technology to track and store wine barrels. Because this type of barrel is expensive, and the quality of KWV's wine is closely related to the year and number of times the barrels used for storage are used, KWV uses the system provided by the local RFID research association to use RFID electronic tags to help track the location of the barrels, The number of times it is used and the time it takes to order a new bucket. When new barrels are put into the warehouse, KWV employees put a label on each new barrel, and the basic information of the barrel is recorded on it, and then the employee uses a handheld reader to read the ID number of each tag and use Wi-Fi The connection is sent directly to the company's data monitoring system, and the system's barrel tracking software creates a record for each barrel. In the life cycle of a wooden barrel, KWV employees can search for each barrel through the ID code, query the use of the barrel (use time, location and use status, and background information of the barrel, such as barrel making Quotient, etc.).

Another example is that eProvenance in the United States adopts a dual insurance method. First, each wine bottle is marked with an RFID tag. The tag uses the 13.56MHz frequency band, embedded in the hard plastic and placed on the bottom of the wine bottle. A unique ID code unique to this wine is printed on the outside of the chip. This code corresponds to all the information about this wine in the data center, and the wine company can access it through a web browser. This is a good way to identify whether the bottle is forged. Second, eProvenance has set up anti-counterfeiting bottle seals at the bottleneck of each wine bottle. The bottle seal is a patented anti-counterfeiting design, with a patented invisible anti-counterfeiting ink on it. Through a simple handheld reader that the wine producer comes with the packaging, the ink and printing can be read by the reader. Consumers can It is simple, intuitive and accurate to judge the authenticity of the bottle of wine, and to determine whether the bottle has been opened without authorization.

From the above cases, we can learn from some practices: At present, many wine companies have invested a high cost to launch the hardcover version of the product in order to seize the high-end customer market. This type of product is for the company, whether it is the bottle itself or the outer packaging. A big expense. If they can successfully learn from KWV's barrel tracking method, the company will also put RFID tags on the outer packaging of such high-end products and wine bottles, and establish a corresponding data center to track its whereabouts, and develop a standardized corporate self-recycling system for this. Recycling and reuse of similar outer packaging and wine bottles can not only save enterprises the cost of manufacturing expensive new bottles, but also effectively combat counterfeiters’ recycling of high-end empty bottles for counterfeiting, which is also a kind of fraud in a certain sense. Effective product anti-counterfeiting management, especially when RFID tag technology is becoming more mature and the cost is getting lower and lower, the input-output ratio of applying this technology to products for anti-counterfeiting to reduce enterprise losses is considerable.

The approach of eProvenance is a typical anti-counterfeiting management in the wine industry. The uniqueness of the RFID tag is used to record the information of the wine bottle, which can achieve a good anti-counterfeiting tracking and avoid the counterfeiters from imitating the wine bottle for making counterfeit profits; at the same time, make a fuss on the bottleneck and identify the bottleneck with a handheld reader The method of concealing the ink prevents the illegal behavior of counterfeiters replacing the wine in the bottle with inferior wine.


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