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How RFID technology realizes intelligent fire protection

News posted on: 2021/4/20 16:01:22 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

How RFID technology realizes intelligent fire protection

How RFID technology realizes intelligent fire protection

With the rapid development of urbanization in cities, large-scale construction of buildings, a large number of people entering and exiting activities every day, electric vehicles in the community, and residents' electricity safety, etc., fire safety is a very important concern. In a complex social environment, how to improve, innovate, and technology management models must make full use of various advanced scientific and technological means to enhance the service concept and quality of fire protection work. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the gradual development of technical and hardware conditions, the rapid expansion of the scale of the industry, and the vigorous supervision of relevant departments, smart firefighting has emerged.

Smart firefighting refers to the use of Internet of Things, big data and other technical means to organically link firefighting facilities, socialized firefighting supervision and management, firefighting and rescue and other elements through Internet of things information sensing and communication technologies to achieve real-time, dynamic, interactive, Integrated fire protection information collection, transmission and processing, comprehensively promote and improve the level of fire supervision and management, enhance the command, dispatch, decision-making and disposal capabilities of fire fighting and rescue, improve the intelligent and social level of fire management, and meet the "automation" of fire prevention and control , The actual requirements of “intelligence” fire fighting and rescue command, “systematization” of daily law enforcement work, and “refinement” of army management to realize smart prevention and control, smart operations, smart law enforcement, and smart management, and achieve “early prediction, Early detection, early elimination, and early rescue" will create a "firewall" from the city to the home.

Smart firefighting uses RFID technology to scan tags for daily fire prevention inspections by posting encrypted RFID radio frequency tags and establishing ID cards on key fire-fighting parts and fire-fighting facilities of the unit. And the system will also automatically prompt the inspection standards and methods of various fire-fighting facilities and key parts, and automatically record the inspection traces of the inspectors, replacing the traditional paper inspection records. It has changed the status quo that traditional fire prevention inspections are not in place and inspection records are untrue. The maintenance and inspection of fire-fighting equipment is a major foundation of smart fire-fighting construction.

The application of RFID technology in the field of fire protection includes the application of fire alarm systems, electrical fire monitoring systems, fire hydrant monitoring systems, fire emergency evacuation systems, fire supervision and inspection services, and daily fire management. Application and application in fire inspection. Fire Internet of Things is based on radio frequency identification technology (RFID) and smart sensor technology. Attach RFID electronic tags to each fire fighting facility that needs to be monitored, and realize automatic identification of target objects and obtain object information through RFID technology. Use intelligent sensing technology to realize online monitoring for the fire protection facilities that need to be monitored. The intelligent sensing technology uses sensing technology, single-chip technology, and communication technology to realize real-time perception and detection of the space environment and monitored objects through micro-sensors, and connects to the network so that firefighters at all levels can monitor the operation of the equipment in real time.

Smart fire protection can realize the grid and household registration of fire management. The urban management area is divided into multiple unit grids according to certain standards, and a brand-new supervision and management system is established by strengthening the inspection and management of the unit grids. The concept of grid management and control provides a practical management plan for the government, industry, and enterprises. The application of grid management mode to fire safety management will not only help the fire safety management work to be implemented, but also effectively promote it. The effectiveness of fire safety supervision and management improves the efficiency and quality of fire safety management, so that fire safety management can better serve the society, serve the actual combat, and serve the people's livelihood.

Intelligent firefighting helps achieve: daily inspection traces, standardization of inspection methods, digitization of unit electricity consumption, visualization of key parts of fire protection, timely alarm data of key fire protection units, digitization of real-time status of building firefighting water, and systematization of fire safety knowledge training . Through civil air defense + technical defense, improve the level of safety management, and put hidden dangers in the "smart" cage.

RFID technology will make the daily management of firefighting more effective and concise. Real-time transmission of the working conditions of the fire-fighting facilities through the RFID smart sensors on the fire-fighting facilities, timely understanding of the operation of the fire-fighting equipment, and timely investigation of hidden fire hazards. In daily inspections, inspectors can configure RFID radio frequency identification equipment terminals to collect data on inspection points and understand the operation of firefighting equipment in real time.


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