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RFID Knowledges

What functions does the AGV car with RFID technology achieve in the application of the tobacco industry?

News posted on: 2021/6/10 9:39:47 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

What functions does the AGV car with RFID technology achieve in the application of the tobacco industry?

What functions does the AGV car with RFID technology achieve in the application of the tobacco industry?

The planting, transportation, production, and storage of the tobacco industry are also continuously automated. The application of AGV trolley is combined with RFID technology to make the entire process of tobacco transportation and production easier and more intelligent. By installing a Honglu RFID reader on the robot or AGV trolley, attaching RFID tags on the transportation line, and transmitting the transportation path of the transportation robot or AGV trolley to the management system through the RFID reader for real-time monitoring and management.

The RFID AGV trolley is controlled by PLC. The trolley has a wireless communication system that can communicate with the upper computer wirelessly, report its running position and working status, execute the instructions of the upper computer, and transmit the work beat and workload to the upper computer in time; AGV The trolley reads the ground identification through RFID and makes corresponding actions (change speed, steering, positioning and parking, etc.). The PLC can either control the AGV trolley according to the preset program, or upload the data to the host computer, and then according to the host The machine commands to control the AGV trolley.

The cured tobacco enters the silk-making workshop through the assembly line, where the leaf shreds and stem shreds are stored separately. The ratio of leaf stems, temperature and humidity, and the ratio of various auxiliary materials will greatly affect the taste and feel of cigarettes. The combination of raw materials and auxiliary materials and the continuous operation of the production line require the RFID AGV trolley to continuously transport materials. Between the production line and the material warehouse, you can see the RFID AGV trolley carrying boxes of materials and continuously operating. The RFID AGV trolley transports the materials, puts them in the elevator, and pours them into the shredded tobacco and mixes them. The RFID AGV trolley transports cigarette paper, cigarette boxes, and cartons to the package workshop. The assembly line further packs the wrapped cigarettes, then packs them in strips, and finally packs them into boxes. The packed cigarettes are transported to the stacking robot arm through the assembly line. Robotic arm palletizing, RFID AGV trolley transports the palletized goods to the storage area. Finally, the RFID AGV trolley transports the goods to the warehouse warehousing workbench to store the goods.

RFID AGV trolleys can increase throughput, speed up cargo shipment time, reduce the return of orders caused by these errors and increase inventory accuracy to 99%, and when cargo is lost, RFID technology will help quickly find the source of the problem and improve Work efficiency.

The wave of new infrastructure is coming, and it is unstoppable! Industrial Internet is the commanding heights of future manufacturing competition. It is promoting profound changes in innovative models, production methods, organizational forms, and business paradigms, and promoting the remodeling and rebuilding of industrial chains, industrial chains, and value chains. It will have an all-round, in-depth, and revolutionary impact on the development of tobacco and other industries in the future.


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