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RFID technology improves the digital level of aviation logistics

News posted on: 2021/6/11 9:41:18 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology improves the digital level of aviation logistics

RFID technology improves the digital level of aviation logistics

With the continuous improvement of the global economic and trade level, the international logistics level is getting higher and higher, and the aviation logistics industry, which is an important link in the development of the aviation logistics industry, has also achieved rapid growth. In the context of globalization and the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, building an independent and controllable international logistics supply chain system is an important foundation for building a global value chain and supply chain, and it is also a key point to enhance international competitiveness.

On the one hand, with the rapid growth of the national economy and social consumer demand, and the emergence of new industries such as cold chain freight, aviation logistics has become more and more important in the modern logistics system; on the other hand, in the context of a new round of global industrial restructuring, An independent and controllable international logistics supply chain system is regarded as the "infrastructure" that will affect the new round of global industrial restructuring.

In recent years, the total demand for temperature-sensitive materials in the consumer market has continued to increase. For example, the annual air transportation demand for hairy crabs and cherries in my country is growing rapidly at a rate of close to 80% to 150%. Including fresh meat, medical supplies and other logistics demand are on the rise, many airlines have begun to deploy the cold chain transportation market.

In addition to temperature-sensitive products such as fresh food and medical products, air transportation is also an important way for the global transportation of high value-added products. It is understood that the air cargo volume accounts for about 1% of the total global trade, but the value of the cargo accounts for 36% of the total global trade.

With the rapid development of emerging technologies such as informatization, digitization, and automation, the level of intelligence and refinement of aviation logistics has improved significantly.

The use of RFID technology in aviation logistics can automatically identify the target object (cargo) and obtain relevant data to achieve transparent and clear management of the logistics process; the use of RFID Internet of Things technology can effectively achieve airport cargo station information and freight forwarders, The docking and sharing of airline information, and realize the open integration of the entire aviation logistics information.

In addition, with the combination of sensing technology and RFID technology, real-time monitoring of the temperature of the goods can also be realized to ensure the quality of the goods during transportation.

In general, the use of information technology such as RFID will help the digitalization of air cargo and provide unprecedented space and assistance for the transformation and upgrading of aviation logistics.


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