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RFID technology helps discover the shared value of pallets

News posted on: 2021/6/17 9:44:02 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology helps discover the shared value of pallets

RFID technology helps discover the shared value of pallets

With the continuous improvement of domestic production levels, the e-commerce logistics industry has developed rapidly, and the pallet is the basic unit of the logistics industry and has a huge market demand. It is understood that the current annual output of pallets in my country is about 300 million pieces, and the holdings of the pallet market reach about 1.5 billion pieces. However, although the number of pallets is large, the level of informatization of pallets in my country is still relatively low.

Nowadays, more and more people realize that pallets need market-oriented transformation. Generally speaking, they are developing in the direction of intelligence, openness, dataization, and circular sharing. With the help of innovative technologies such as 5G, RFID, AI, and blockchain, the management of pallets will be more intelligent and digital.

At present, Japan has established a complete pallet sharing system. Through the interconnection and intercommunication of information systems, the pallet sharing mode is realized, which greatly improves the efficiency of pallet usage. Among the nearly 1.5 billion pallets in my country, more than 900 million pallets are used as disposable pallets. The current standard pallet rental volume is about 24 million pieces, the rental penetration rate is only 1.8%, and the pallet transportation rate is only 15%.

Therefore, the promotion of the popularization of standardized pallets and rental pallets has been highly valued by the country. In the future, the shared value of pallets in applications will be the core of the development of the industry. Under the mode of pallet sharing, enterprises can uniformly adjust the needs of users through leasing, and do not need to stock a large number of pallets for a long time, avoiding pallet squeezing waste.

RFID technology has a high degree of acceptance in the field of logistics pallets. Through the radio frequency technology to realize the information reading in the air, the items have the function of identifying information, and the items can be traced effectively, and the visualization of the logistics process and the fine management of the logistics process can be realized.

As the most basic unit of logistics, pallets are a key to the intelligent upgrade of the logistics industry. Due to the large amount of human operations in the logistics industry, the introduction of RFID and other digital means can not only greatly improve efficiency, but also effectively reduce operating costs and improve efficiency to generate new business models and service models. 


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