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Use RFID technology for auto parts management

News posted on: 2021/8/4 16:22:03 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Use RFID technology for auto parts management

Use RFID technology for auto parts management

The collection and management of auto parts information based on RFID technology is a fast and efficient management method. It integrates RFID electronic tags into the traditional auto parts warehouse management and obtains auto parts information in batches from a long distance to achieve quick understanding of parts. The purpose of the status, such as inventory, location, model and other information, in order to minimize production costs and improve automobile production efficiency.

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The RFID anti-metal electronic tag required for this application is installed on the auto parts, and the part name, model, source and assembly information are written in the tag;

Authorized card issuer, including the data radio frequency transmission circuit, realizes the information communication between the electronic tag and the computer, and writes the data information of the authorized parts and products into the database and associates with the electronic tag;

The database stores all the information of the relevant electronic tags and conducts unified management;

RFID readers are divided into two types: fixed readers and handheld readers. The common form of fixed readers is a passage door and installed at the entrance and exit of the warehouse. When the AGV automatic transport vehicle passes by, it automatically reads the parts. Information; Hand-held readers are usually used to review parts and components. For example, when the warehouse needs to check the goods in a certain area, the handheld PAD can be used for walking inventory. This is also one of the common applications of Jianyong Technology's rfid reader.

The user terminal, including the computer and its installed management software, enters the information into the electronic tag and uploads the database through the authorized card issuer; tracks the important parts of the car, which can realize the real-time feedback of vehicle anti-theft, component anti-counterfeiting, and after-sales maintenance records.

The advantages of this application are as follows:

For the warehouse management party, the original cumbersome management method has been technically improved, and there is no need to worry about the loss of auto parts due to omissions, and the real-time statistics of the number of warehousing and exits are conducive to timely detection and resolution of problems.

For automobile manufacturers, information such as product name, model, product serial number, processing station category, etc. are written in the parts, which can avoid the reduction of production efficiency due to the use of parts and accelerate production during automobile assembly.

For merchants and users, since the production unit, product name, dealer information, logistics information and customer information are written in the parts, the anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, and after-sales maintenance records of vehicle parts can be fed back in real time, which is convenient for zero Component traceability management, implement responsibility to people.


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