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RFID technology solves the problem of inventory work in jewelry stores

News posted on: 2021/8/12 15:23:09 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology solves the problem of inventory work in jewelry stores

RFID technology solves the problem of inventory work in jewelry stores

With the continuous improvement of national consumption levels, the domestic jewelry industry has obtained a broad space for development. However, the inventory work of the monopoly counter consumes a lot of working time in the daily operation of the jewelry store, because the employees need to complete the basic work of inventorying jewelry through manual operations. At the same time, because the volume of some jewelry is extremely small but the quantity is large, it seems that the basic work of inventorying jewelry is quite time-consuming.

However, since the introduction of RFID technology into the jewelry industry, jewelry has achieved electronic and information management, and has improved the efficiency of jewelry inventory, so it is quite popular in the jewelry industry.

According to the relevant data of the jewelry industry survey, an ordinary jewelry store manually counts the products in the store. This work seems simple, but in fact it takes about five hours on average. Therefore, even if the store employees have a high rate of inventory, it is difficult. Do regular checks every day.

In fact, compared with other luxury goods, the inventory of jewelry is particularly important. First of all, jewelry products are high-value products, and the indicators and parameters related to jewelry products are professional and cumbersome; secondly, because jewelry is relatively small in size, sometimes a magnifying glass is needed for inventory, and it may easily fall during busyness. In a corner. In addition, the stores that manage multiple jewelry counters also need to check the jewelry to prevent the theft of valuable products.

So, how to use RFID technology to make jewelry stores more efficiently complete the basic work of counting jewelry?

After the purchaser has completed the jewelry acquisition, before the jewelry is placed on the counter of the store, the relevant staff needs to install an RFID tag for each jewelry, and use the card issuer to write the electronic product code (EPC) for the RFID tag to realize the RFID tag and the jewelry. The binding relationship between products.

When the jewellery placed in the counter has an RFID tag, the staff can realize real-time monitoring of the jewellery at the counter by operating the computer without affecting the sales work of the clerk.

Each counter will be equipped with an RFID reader, which helps the staff to realize real-time, fast and accurate inventory of jewelry in the counter, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of the store's jewelry inventory. Furthermore, RFID technology greatly reduces the manpower and time investment of enterprises in jewelry inventory, reduces operating costs, and improves management efficiency.


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