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RFID warehouse management system

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RFID warehouse management system

The RFID warehouse management system introduces RFID technology into the existing warehouse management, and automatically collects the data of each operation link such as warehouse arrival inspection, warehousing, outgoing, allocation, shifting, inventory counting, etc., to ensure the warehouse Manage the speed and accuracy of data input in each link to ensure that the company has a timely and accurate grasp of the real data of the inventory, and reasonably maintains and controls the company's inventory. Through scientific coding, it is also convenient to manage the batch and shelf life of items. Using the system's location management function, you can also grasp the current location of all inventory materials in a timely manner, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of warehouse management.

However, the current actual situation of high cost and low efficiency in the warehouse link, through investigation of third-party logistics warehouse operating companies, factory-owned warehouse companies and other warehouse users, it is found that traditional warehouse management has the following problems:

1. The goods are about to be put into the warehouse, and the warehouse receipt has not been sent, so it cannot be put into work immediately.

2. The delivery vehicle has been away for a long time, and after checking the inventory, it is found that the goods are still not in the warehouse.

3. The goods have been put into the warehouse, but forgot to record the warehouse location or the wrong location is recorded, and it takes another half day to find the goods.

4. When leaving the warehouse, employees need to run back and forth in multiple warehouses to pick up the goods, and the vehicle waits for a long time.

5. A plate is only a few days, so the efficiency is really low, and the efficiency is low, and there are frequent mistakes.

6. A large number of near-effect futures products can be counted every time the inventory is taken, and first-in, first-out has become empty talk.

The existence of the above warehouse problems has adversely affected the development and operation of the enterprise, and it is urgent to solve and improve the warehouse management level. The emergence of RFID warehouse management system provides enterprises with a more convenient, efficient and intelligent warehouse management mode.

So, facing the above warehouse problems, what are the advantages of the RFID warehouse management system?

1. RFID electronic tags

By issuing RFID electronic tags for each pallet and location in the warehouse, and with various special equipment, it can realize the automatic identification of pallet and goods storage information, which greatly facilitates the user to manage inventory goods.

At the same time, through the RFID electronic tag binding to the goods, it can accurately distinguish the actual management problems such as batch, model, product name, warehousing time, supplier, status, etc., and the management and control is more in line with modern management needs.

2. Receiving link

Daily receiving tasks can be automatically synchronized to the RFID handheld device, and you can know the details of the task without paper receipts.The receipt data does not need to be recorded manually, and the system automatically collects and counts to ensure the accuracy of the receipt data.After the goods are put into the warehouse, the system will automatically update the in-stock inventory quantity, and the documents will also change to the completed state.

3. Shelf link

After the RFID warehouse management system is integrated with the RFID forklift, the shelf tasks can be issued to the RFID forklift for execution.The RFID forklift automatically scans the pallet, displays the cargo information of the pallet and the warehousing information, submits the storage location of the goods in real time, and increases the inventory on the shelf.

4. Picking link

The system will automatically optimize the picking path, no need to walk back and forth, just one walk to finish picking goods.RFID forklifts scan RFID pallet tags to quickly verify the information of outbound goods, and can perform first-in-first-out verification to improve inventory turnover.After the outbound is completed, the outbound inventory is automatically reduced.

5. Inventory link

There is no need for paper inventory receipts, and the RFID mobile work platform can wirelessly check the system receipts online.

There is no need to manually record the inventory data information, and the system supports on-site operation records.

The inventory accuracy reaches the location level and the pallet level, making the inventory easier to implement and carry out; support the inventory and the warehouse in and out of the business at the same time. Combined with the use of RFID forklifts, the inventory speed is faster, and the inventory difference data is automatically summarized.

The application of the RFID warehouse management system greatly simplifies the daily operations of the warehouse, and the data becomes automatically collected and updated, eliminating the need for manual entry, thereby creating an intelligent and automated warehouse center for the enterprise to reduce costs and increase efficiency.