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RFID Knowledges

One of the applications of RFID in the breeding industry: monitoring the growth cycle of cattle breeding

News posted on: 2021/11/22 15:54:40 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

One of the applications of RFID in the breeding industry: monitoring the growth cycle of cattle breeding

China is a traditional agricultural country. Since ancient times, the aquaculture industry has been dominated by scattered farmers. However, with the continuous development of China's economy, China has gradually stepped onto the world stage, continuously connecting with other countries in the world and conducting import and export trade, including animal husbandry products. In some developed countries and regions, new regulations have been made on import trade: the concept of monitoring food safety from "farm to table" to the whole process is put forward to ensure traceability. Therefore, traditional breeding methods are not suitable for large-scale breeding farms. The RFID technology is a good solution to the problems of low management efficiency, high error rate, inability to trace the source, and food safety.

Wearing the RFID ear tag reader on the animal can effectively identify all the information of each animal. Taking cattle as an example, the RFID ear tag reader can analyze the daily behavior of each cow's movement, position, diet, and water consumption by collecting data from the ear tags worn on the cow, helping the ranch to determine which ones in time The health of the cattle. The RFID ear identification reader is just like a person's identity, which is unique. It registers the identity of each cow and records all the information of each cow.

RFID ear tag reader can ensure the daily diet of livestock

The RFID ear tag reader records the daily diet of each cow. When a cow approaches the automatic feeder, the RFID reader can automatically recognize whether the cow has eaten today, how much it has eaten, and when it ate. Everyone knows clearly to ensure that cattle have a healthy diet and a healthy body. If it is detected that the cow has not eaten today or has eaten less or more than in the past, you can clearly know which cow it is and can quickly check the health of the cow.

RFID ear tag reader can trace the source of the problem

The RFID ear tag reader records all the information of each cow and the data is not easy to change or lose. It records from birth, recording important information such as birthplace, breed, source, treatment and medication, and health status. When a cow is sold, once a problem is discovered, the source of the problem can be traced based on this information and the problem can be solved in time.

RFID reader grasps the estrus period of animal husbandry

According to the information in the RFID reader, it can be judged which cows have grown up to the estrus period and which have reached the best gestation period, and then select the cows in good health for breeding to ensure that good offspring are produced.

The non-contact nature of RFID technology has led to the emergence of automated breeding in the breeding industry, which greatly reduces the tedious and repetitive workload required every day, and can manage a large number of animal husbandry with fewer staff. The development space of the aquaculture industry is further expanded.


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