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RFID Knowledges

Application of RFID animal tags in Animal Husbandry

News posted on: 2022/10/10 16:32:14 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of RFID animal tags in Animal Husbandry

RFID technology is a kind of radio frequency identification technology (Radio Frequency Identification), which uses wireless radio frequency to automatically identify targets and collect target data information in a non-contact manner. RFID tags are unique, with a unique ID number in the world, which can realize one object and one code; two-way communication between RFID tags and readers through wireless means, without contact, can identify high-speed moving target objects; radio frequency identification is protected by a password RFID is not easy to be forged and has high security; RFID can cope with relatively harsh environments and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, water resistance and oil resistance; FRID data storage capacity is large, with read and write functions, convenient application, wide range, and good application Come to the animal husbandry.

Application of RFID animal tags in Animal Husbandry

RFID animal tags

1. Real-time monitoring and information collection

Based on RFID technology, it provides convenient conditions for the breeding farm. When the livestock with RFID electronic tags passes through the card reader, the card reader will automatically identify the target information and upload it to the control center. When sent to the user side, the user can monitor in real time Livestock information, based on the data information of RFID tags, carry out reasonable breeding to ensure the healthy growth of livestock and promote the quality and efficiency of livestock products.

2. Monitoring and management of livestock breeding

The selection and breeding of livestock can be screened through the information stored in the RFID electronic tag, and the livestock with bad genetic information recorded in the RFID tag can be deleted as a candidate to improve the quality of the breed. The daily water and food intake of livestock are recorded through RFID tags, and the diet of livestock is strictly controlled to ensure that the livestock have good health.

3. Management of livestock prevention, control and epidemic prevention

RFID technology uses radio frequency methods to identify targets and has a unique identification. It records detailed information of livestock, such as whether they are sick, which drugs are used for treatment, and when are the sick areas of livestock disinfected. If you are sick, you can quickly find and locate the target through the RFID electronic tag, and contact the veterinarian for treatment and epidemic prevention.

4. Quality traceability management of livestock products

Product traceability requires that from the cultivation of the product to the dining table, there is information that can be queried at every step. Through RFID technology, use electronic tags to record and store breeding and feeding information, epidemic prevention detection information, drug residue information, slaughter information, market supply information, etc., to establish a complete traceability information management system to ensure that the product is in the supply chain Traceability, find out the cause and root of the problem, recall or destroy a sold problematic product, ensure food safety, and reduce the hazard coefficient of consumers.

5. Animal intelligent inventory counting

RDIF technology can identify high-speed moving targets without contact, and read without screen obstacles. When a target wearing an RFID tag passes through the reader, the tag communicates with the reader wirelessly to quickly and accurately record the number of target objects, improve work efficiency and reduce human error.

6. Animal intelligent weighing

RFID tags are unique in the world, and livestock wearing RFID tags have a unique identity. When the reader on the smart weighing machine senses the RFID tag worn by the livestock, the reader will record the identity information and weight information of the target livestock, upload it to the control center and display the target’s important information on the visual screen. RFID technology does not require contact, which improves work efficiency; reduces manual intervention and reduces human errors.


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