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RFID Knowledges

AGV trolley RFID site identification and positioning application

News posted on: 2021/12/23 17:22:41 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

AGV trolley RFID site identification and positioning application

The AGV trolley is an automatic transport vehicle with electromagnetic or optical automatic guiding devices. It can complete various goods picking, handling and distribution tasks in the production workshop along a fixed route. It is an e-commerce logistics and warehousing automation. , Automation equipment commonly used in automobile production.

As one of the automatic identification technologies, RFID is applied to the AGV trolley, which can accurately identify the RFID tag through the site location to achieve navigation control of the AGV.


The specific working principle is that the AGV trolley is controlled by PLC, and the trolley has a wireless communication system, which can communicate with the upper computer wirelessly, report its running position and working status, execute the instructions of the upper computer, and transfer the work content to the upper computer in time;

At the same time, the AGV trolley reads the ground identification through the internal integrated RFID reader, and makes corresponding actions such as shifting, steering, positioning and parking. At A, the AGV card reader will read the electronic tag ID number at A, and the PLC will make the trolley take corresponding actions based on the read data, so as to realize the AGV dispatching system function and site positioning function.

The positioning advantages of using RFID for AGV trolleys are obvious:

First, RFID is less interfered by other environments, such as oil, water, dust, electromagnetics, etc., so it is more suitable for the working environment of the production workshop;

Second, the technology is mature, the maintenance cost is low, and the technical construction is simple. Therefore, the RFID site identification and positioning applications of AGV trolleys are also widely used.


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