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RFID Knowledges

Application of Industrial RFID in Automobile Assembly Line

News posted on: 2022/3/3 9:58:22 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of Industrial RFID in Automobile Assembly Line

Application of Industrial RFID in Automobile Assembly Line

Through the combination of RFID technology as the core and the automated automobile assembly line, it goes deep into the assembly process, and integrates RFID technology into the business of marking, sorting, spare parts, warehousing, and outbound assembly, to overcome the harsh industrial environment and complex assembly process.

Application of Industrial RFID in Automobile Assembly Line

Broadly improve production efficiency, enhance the accuracy and real-time of data collection, and effectively solve warehouse management problems such as chaotic manual operation, low efficiency, untimely inventory reporting, unclear properties of warehouse goods, chaotic stacking, and inaccurate inventory.

Market trend

In the Chinese auto market, many models are in short supply. The production lines are running at full capacity and the production of different models in parallel has become the development trend of the auto industry. Generally, the daily production volume of the assembly plant is controlled by the schedule, which serves as the basis for the logistics department to feed the production line.

However, the feeder only estimates the feeding amount of the fixed output based on experience, and cannot really grasp the actual material consumption of the assembly line. Even if the line patrol is deployed, the problem cannot be solved fundamentally. In order not to stop the assembly line, the feeder must ensure that the material inventory at the production line is at a high safety level. On the one hand, the operation space of the workers in the assembly line is reduced, and on the other hand, it causes difficulty in reclaiming materials, which affects the normal efficiency of the operation line.

Industrial RFID can effectively improve the real-time transmission of material demand information beside the line, improve the timeliness of material supply beside the line, thereby improving the assembly efficiency of the entire production line, and at the same time, reducing the configuration and cost of line patrol personnel.

RFID principle analysis

The RFID system is mainly composed of readers, electronic tags, and application system software. Its working principle: The reader transmits radio waves of a specific frequency to the electronic tag to drive the electronic tag circuit to send the internal data. At this time, the reader will accept the interpretation data in sequence and send it to the application for corresponding processing. In practical applications, the electronic tag is attached to the surface of the object to be identified, and electronic data in a predetermined format is stored therein.

The reader sends a radio frequency signal of a certain frequency through the antenna. When the tag enters the magnetic field, an induced current is generated, and at the same time, this energy is used to send information such as its own code. The reader reads and decodes the information and transmits it to the host for related processing. achieve the purpose of automatically identifying objects.

The application of RFID radio frequency identification technology in the assembly line realizes the transmission and timely feedback of assembly information, and the real-time collection and monitoring visualization of on-site data, effectively ensuring the coherence and integrity of production information, making production more flexible, and making products in quality control, After-sales product information traceability and product information management are effectively combined; the production capacity of the enterprise is improved.

Since the application of radio frequency identification technology on the assembly line, the effect is remarkable. With the wide application of radio frequency identification technology, it will surely provide reliable support and guarantee for the quality assurance and cost control of production enterprises, the realization of intelligent manufacturing and the construction of intelligent enterprises.


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