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NFC Tag Five Types and Mainstream Chips

News posted on: 2019/4/22 5:38:13 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

NFC Tag Five Types and Mainstream Chips

NFC Tag Five Types and Mainstream Chips

The NFC Forum, as the maker of the technical specifications, defines the following five types of NFC tags.

Type 1: Based on ISO14443A. It has the ability to be read and rewritten, and the user can configure it to be read-only. The storage capacity is 96 bytes, which is used to store URL URLs or other small amounts of data. However, the memory can be expanded to 2k bytes. The communication speed is 106 kbit/s. The typical chip type Topaz 512 (BCM20203), the chip supplier is Broadcom/Broadcom (formerly Innovation).

Type 2: Also based on ISO14443A, it has read and rewrite capabilities that users can configure as read-only. Its basic memory size is 48 bytes, but can be expanded to 2k bytes. The communication speed is also 106 kbit/s.

Typical chip types are NXP Mifare Ultralight/Ultralight C, NTag203/210/213/215/216, Infineon my-d SLE 66R01P / 66R32P, and others. In addition, as China's professional NFC chip supplier Shanghai Feiju, the main products F80 and F82 series chips, the performance in the market in the last two years is not bad!

Type 3: These tags are based on the FeliCa series of Sony RFID chips. The data communication speed is 212 Kbit/s. Therefore, such labels are more suitable for more complicated applications and have higher costs.

Type 4: These tags are defined to be compatible with the ISO14443A, B standard. The manufacturing time is preset to be readable/rewritable or read-only. The chip has more memory and the communication speed is between 106 kbit/s and 424 kbit/s. Typical chip types for a variety of applications are NXP DESFire series, with capacities of 2K, 4K, and 8K.

Type 5: This type of tag is the latest type of NFC tag that has been defined in recent years. The corresponding RFID protocol is the ISO15693 series of RFID chips. NFC Forum introduced this series of chips to meet the growing variety of long-distance, miniaturized NFC tags and their applications.


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