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RFID Benefits for Retail Brand Owners & Manufacturers

News posted on: 2019/4/28 1:40:49 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID Benefits for Retail Brand Owners & Manufacturers

RFID Benefits for Retail Brand Owners & Manufacturers

Many retailers have adopted the RFID technology within their supply chain in order to improve inventory accuracy. This can be done by looking at improvements on both the Sales floor and in the warehouse. This allows the retailers to develop a seamless shopping experience for the consumer at the store and online. This adoption is allowing retailers to see in store accuracy jump to as high as 98% in some cases.

RFID can make an immediate impact on your supply chain. This is done by improving the picking and packing accuracy of shipped goods. Retailers are increasingly penalizing brands for shipping errors. With RFID, you can ensure 99.99% shipping accuracy, without slowing down your operation.

RFID can be a huge timesaver. With just one or two employees, you can track and locate items within seconds. An employee doing inventory counts can scan dozens of RFID tags per second, when they could only scan a handful of barcodes per minute. You will see this timesaver instantly. Not only will the efficiency go up, the employees will enjoy the speed it adds to their daily work.


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