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RFID intelligent file management system

News posted on: 2019/8/2 1:24:49 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID intelligent file management system

RFID intelligent file management system

In recent years, with the substantial increase in the number of cases, the number of court files has also increased rapidly. Traditional file management methods and technical means are increasingly difficult to cope with various difficulties such as difficulty in checking files, difficulty in inventory, and difficulty in anti-theft. The RFID intelligent file management system introduced by the Nansha Free Trade Zone Court registers RFID electronic chips for inbound files, implants invisible electronic tags, applies radio frequency identification technology, and integrates with the original file management system of the court. After personalized setting Formed a file management model with the characteristics of the Free Trade Zone Court.

Last year, the Executive Board has collected more than 5,000 files in a single batch in the implementation of the comprehensive decision-making process. The traditional method takes about 10 days to complete the process of manual verification, registration, signature confirmation, etc., which is easy to make mistakes. The RFID system's non-contact data acquisition, batch fast reading, real-name trace operation and other functions, accurately completed the registration of 5,000 file files in about 2.5 hours." Nansha Free Trade Zone Court filer told reporters that the court file In the management work, the file is frequently used frequently, and it may be necessary to batch volume adjustment in the case of series execution of case recovery, case quality evaluation, special court inspection by superior court, and file transfer scanning. At this point, the RFID system can take advantage of the rapid reading of batch data, greatly improving work efficiency.

After the fingerprint identification of the archivist, the reporter walked into the intelligent archives of the Nansha Free Trade Zone Court. Within the space of less than 200 square meters, it can store about 100,000 files of litigation files because of the electric intelligent rack. The administrator told reporters that the aisles must be reserved between the traditional filing cabinets, and the space utilization rate is low. The same space can only store 30,000 volumes of files, and the storage capacity has now increased by more than three times. In the face of such a large number of file files, court file administrators regularly take stock every year. Due to the large number of files, the traditional manual counting method is easy to make mistakes and takes a long time. It takes about 10 days to count 10,000 volumes. Nowadays, based on the batch operation of the RFID system and the advantages of the virtual warehouse, the inventory accuracy is improved, the time is shortened, and the 10,000-volume file can be accurately counted in about one day.


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