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What Are The Cool IoT Ideas And Projects?

News posted on: 2017/7/11 19:37:57 - by John Lee - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

What Are The Cool IoT Ideas And Projects?

The world of IoT is endless and so are the possibilities. It's all a matter of what industry you're looking to target and how creative you choose to become. 

Some thoughts off the top:

1. Medical applications--> your monitoring device (whether it be a fitness band or smartwatch) informing you of irregular vitals. If you are an individual who takes medication this could also inform you when it's time to take your medication (before you go into a state of emergency). Also, this could possibly inform your physician of an emergency situation- who will then be able to locate you due to your device and with his confirmation an automatic message to emergency personnel can be sent.

I think for elderly individuals automation of procedures could be invaluable. As a personal anecdote my grandmother had once fallen and wasn't able to get up. She lied on the floor for 4 days (my mother at the time was abroad) until her next-door neighbor noticed that she hadn't been picking up her newspaper and phoned my father. Now imagine instead she was wearing a device that could alert when she's inactive after X time during the day and would automatically notify a designated caregiver. The applications are endless.

2. Industrial applications --> in this arena it's the most classic productivity m2m application in my opinion. For example, lets assume smart glasses are prepared for industrial use. The smart glasses scan the different inventory barcodes. They notice that there is a shortage in items from barcode X. They notify the database that then automatically surveys the total inventory count to see the location of barcode X. If it is a matter of lack of inventory a message is automatically sent to scan upcoming shipments and the next date the inventory is scheduled to arrive. After data is analyzed and given to the user-- he can then approve/decline an automated message for purchasing more inventory. Here I think it's all a matter of efficient procedure implementation whereby devices can communicate with one another and the user acts only as a supervisor.

3. Consumer applications --> the smart home is a classic. Your thermostat being able to turn on ahead of time depending on the location of  your car. Also, imagine your refrigerator being able to inform you when you need to purchase milk or is able to create a customized shopping list based on your most purchased items. OR even telling you when your food is about to go bad! Futuristic? Yes. Imaginative? Yes. Doable? Only a matter of time.

What is important here, in my opinion, will be the ability for these devices to communicate with one another to provide the user with a customized, easy experience of tasks you can't even imagine machines being able to do.

Now key to IoT is the issue of aggregating data, analyzing it and then using it productively. As mentioned, things you couldn't fathom are part of this equation. For example the company I work for: Humavox - Wireless Charging Solution. In simplest terms we provide a wireless charging solution for mostly wearable and IoT devices. In the future, our wireless charging station will be able to collect data regarding user habits, device charging profiles and the like. Now if we connect this to IoT- imagine your charging station reminding the user that he should probably charge now since his last charge was 6 hours ago and normally his battery life is X and there is a charging station located close by.

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