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XMinnov RFID Tag Engineering Research Center Is Approved by Xiamen City Government

News posted on: 2017/8/23 7:16:13 - by yoyo - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

XMinnov RFID Tag Engineering Research Center Is Approved by Xiamen City Government

Recently, XMINNOV established the "Xiamen City Electronic Tag Engineering Technology Research Center" by the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of expert review, departmental joint announcement, was officially identified as Xiamen City Engineering Technology Research Center, to be listed.


Xiamen City Engineering Technology Research Center relies on the industry technology in the field has a strong influence and R & D strength of the backbone enterprises, universities or research institutions to promote the city's industrial and technological innovation as the goal, to carry out engineering and technical research, testing and complete sets of technical services , R & D industry development in the common key technologies to provide mature supporting technology, technology, equipment and products to promote the transformation of results and technical radiation, guide and promote the relevant industries of technological progress, enhance industrial technology innovation and market core competitiveness.


It is committed to improving the electronic label design, research and development, testing "one-stop" service capabilities.XMINNOV to establish "Xiamen City Electronic Label Engineering Technology Research Center", aimed at RFID tags new materials, new technology and new applications, improve the Xiamen City and Fujian Province, Internet of Things in the field of RFID industry supporting capacity and comprehensive competitiveness. XMINNOV has always insisted on the concept of innovative research and development, and constantly challenge the industry's technical problems, continue to create value for customers, to enhance the industry's core competitiveness in the field of electronic tags, to create world-class brand influence.


Previously, XMINNOV in the field of RFID industry expertise has been recognized, has won the "2016 Xiamen City Patent Award Second Prize", selected "Xiamen City Science and Technology giant leader", was selected "2015 Xiamen innovative pilot enterprises ", repeatedly reelected" Star of Things "" RFID tag business award "and" RFID innovation product award. "


XMINNOV has always been based on independent innovation and focused on the core intellectual property rights,from fragile anti-transfer labels, reading elf, vehicle windshield labels, etc.. 

4 consecutive years of innovative products launched, now has more than 60 core product patents, including eight foreign patents for inventions; 

And the company through the ISO9000 and ISO14000 dual certification management system, with 50 square meters of professional microwave darkroom and 30 multi-functional label quality testing equipment system. 

In addition, December 30, 2016, granted by XMINNOV the first drafting standard of the "GB / T 33459-2016 commercial tray radio frequency identification tag application specification", by the 2016 GB Standard No. 27 official announcement.


Xiamen City Electronic Tag Technology Research Center was certified, once again proved that the company in the field of RFID tags in the technical strength and brand influence. XMINNOV who has a special "gene" is the courage to change, the beginning of the creation of enterprises deeply marked "innovation culture" stigma. 

In the future, XMINNOV will further improve the mechanism of the research and development and innovation, continue to increase investment in research and development, with the country's top institutes to strengthen the "industry-university-institute" cooperation and foster r&d talents, constantly enhance the level of engineering technology research center of construction, for the innovative development of the Internet of things industry contribution to boost the force.



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