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XMINNOV will attend RFID & Wireless IOT Tomorrow 2019

News posted on: 2019/5/10 2:01:51 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

XMINNOV will attend RFID & Wireless IOT Tomorrow 2019

RFID & Wireless IOT tomorrow 2019

RFID & Wireless IOT tomorrow 2019

OCTOBER 29th & 30th in Darmstadt,Germany

Xminnov locates in Xiamen China, provides OEM, ODM one stop service for RFID security applications with our own patents.which will attend RFID & Wireless IOT Tomorrow 2019.Their Business covers RFID tags, RFID readers and application management system, especially RFID destructive Check On Removal anti-tamper tags which are widely used for security identification such as vehicle license, ETC ,brand protection, item packaging seal etc.

Xminnov especially focused on Security RFID labels & Safety RFID Stickers research development & production in the world for personalized requirement with their three points of goal:

l  Value-added

l  Solve Problems

l  Win-win

Their security RFID label products has Aluminum, Copper, Silver printing and so on which are including NFC UHF HF any kind of frequency products

For more information please click https://www.rfid-wiot-tomorrow.com/wiottomorrow19-xminnov-will-attend-rfid-wireless-iot-tomorrow-2019-357

For the first time there will be two forums focusing on hardware developments and innovations. In addition, a new forum will celebrate its premiere, with its agenda fully focused on the latest research projects and results from the wireless IoT world.

The exact placement of the total of 9 forums on the two days of the congress - 29 and 30 October 2019 - will be published here shortly

The 9 top thematic areas in 2019 are:

Forum - AutomotiveForum C Automotive

What are the benefits of using RFID & Wireless IoT for companies involved in the automotive value chain? How does cross-company, digital data exchange work in supply processes without only one party benefiting from technological solutions?

Experienced professionals from globally active enterprises as well as specialized medium-sized companies take their know-how on the stage. Forum participants experience live how the challenges in the automotive industry are already being solved today.

Forum - Wireless IIoT and maintenance

Forum C Industrial IoT and maintenance

The digitization of industrial processes: An opportunity for all those who are now setting the right course. Decisions must be made wisely and sustainably in order to be able to profit long-lasting from digital solutions in the industrial environment. As with IoT solutions, which not only optimize processes but also take all security aspects into account, speakers will present the start of a genuine 4th industrial revolution.

Forum - Logistics, aviation and supply chain

Forum C Logistics, aviation and supply chain

Even the small retailer next door is part of today's globalized flows of goods. Speed, reliability and quality assurance are the key words when it comes to transporting goods. RFID & Wireless IoT applications are sustainable solutions for logistics service providers to offer customers the best possible service and high-resolution transparency in condition monitoring.

Forum - Retail and Logistics

Forum C Retail and Logistics

Unmanned stores, smart mirrors, intelligent changing rooms, quality checks via NFC and smartphones C sounds like the future but is already there. What are the real benefits of innovative technologies in retail? In the retail sector, the signs have been pointing to changes for years. Thanks to innovative technological possibilities, new concepts are being piloted, even at short notice. Specialists from the retail sector take up the latest topics and present how the biggest challenges are solved using technology.

Forum - Healthcare

Forum C Healthcare

Shrinkage of high-priced medical equipment, contaminated surgical instruments, incorrect medication, non-observance of maintenance intervals for life-supporting intensive care devices - horror scenarios in hospitals, practices or laboratories. RFID & Wireless IoT technologies are used to ensure that this does not happen and that healthcare processes from laundry to instrument management function 100 percent. The forum "Healthcare" will show which ways are efficient and successful.

Forum - Research: Projects & FindingsForum C Research: Projects & Findings

From research to market maturity: To create product innovations you need inventiveness and a pioneering mentality. In the "Research: Projects & Findings" forum, researchers and product developers present the latest results from application-oriented projects and products that have emerged from intensive preliminary studies. The further development and establishment of the Wireless IoT will only remain possible if the degree of innovation in product development remains unbroken. Looking beyond the technological horizon is a must-have instead of a nice-to-have.

Forums a Technology and Hardware 1 & 2Forums C Technology and Hardware 1 & 2

The presentations in the two forums will focus on the future of contactless data transfer and the hardware development of readers and antennas, ICs and transponders, printers and handhelds. What is state of the art today? Which market developments can be mapped in new developments? What performance does current wireless hardware achieve today? Standard vs. special development - how individual must it be? These and other central questions and their answers are the focus of the Technology & Hardware forums.

Forum a Software and DigitalizationForum C Software and Digitalization

The integration of wireless systems into comprehensive digitization concepts is becoming increasingly complex C new benefits for users and opportunities for new business models are the positive consequences of this development. But what is already realizable today? How can hardware, software and security be brought into perfect harmony? Experienced system integrators share their exclusive know-how from countless successful proof of concepts and rollouts. The final result is the key to efficient project implementation, short-term ROI and sustainable applications.

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