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RFID inlays in vehicle management

News posted on: 2018/6/19 10:30:09 - by Helen - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID inlays in vehicle management

RFID inlays in vehicle management

A vehicle management system based on UHF band RFID technology is proposed.And the vehicle management will be used smart transportation, toll booths on highways

RFID inlays in vehicle management

The RFID Vehicle Hang Tag for rearview mirror is an optimal choice for access control for parking,

in gated communities or anywhere vehicles access is required. It is an ideal solution when only temporary access control is required as the hang tag is removable and reusable and do not require permanent attachment to the windshield. The hang tag has a read range of over 5 meters (18 feet).

The tag is encapsulated in rigid polyester and may be subsurface printed with a logo and bar code and other information or designs.

Basically RFID system consist three components:

    1.The RFID tags have chip and antenna that store unique identification number of the vehicles.

    2.RFID readers that read the tags of the vehicles and send the unique identification 

to the system via antenna.

    3.The system capable to collecting, storing and elaborating on the data send by the reader.


When a vehicle arrives at the gate, RFID readers at the gate scans the RFID tag of the vehicle and send the details of RFID tag to the system. System verified the details of the RFID tag.If RFID tag is authorized, system send the signal to open the gate.


    1.Provide an accurate and real time ability to detect the vehicle

    2.Accurate details of the vehicles entered and departure

    3.Only authorized vehicles are allowed

    4.Increase efficiency and reduce error

    5.No manual operation is required


    1.Vehicle Tracking

    2.Car Washes

    3.Fleet Management

    4.Gated Community – Controlled Access

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