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The Perfect Combination of RFID Tamper Proof File Box and Intelligent File System

News posted on: 2019/5/8 1:46:31 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

The Perfect Combination of RFID Tamper Proof File Box and Intelligent File System

The Perfect Combination of RFID Tamper Proof File Box and Intelligent File System

In view of the current status of file management, the traditional management methods can no longer meet the actual needs. Informatization of archive management urgently requires a more advanced and complete solution for automated management systems. In this context, an archive management system based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology emerged.

By RFID technology, the classified files are continuously monitored, their status and whereabouts are known at any time, and they can be managed and controlled accordingly, effectively avoiding loopholes in traditional management tools.

The working principle is: an RFID electronic tag is affixed to each file box or secret product that needs to be controlled, and the information stored in the tag and the name, category, and secret level of the file or secret product are passed through the software of the information management system. Information such as belonging archives is bound and the archives are put into the filing cabinet.

    1. Double Encryption: The opening of the cabinet door adopts the fingerprint authentication and the digital password dual authentication method to control the access. Only when the fingerprint and the password are verified correctly, can the cabinet door be opened.

    2. Smart Inventory: Click the “Inventory” button on the touch screen interface. After waiting for dozens of seconds, all file names in the cabinet will be displayed on the screen and the total number of files will be counted.

    3. Smart alarm: When you want to open the file cabinet, if the fingerprint is incorrect or the fingerprint password does not match, the file cabinet itself will sound an alarm and prompt and retain the record on the control platform.

When the door opening time exceeds the specified time, the cabinet itself will sound an alarm. The control platform will also have an alarm and store it in the form of a log.

After the file or confidential product was borrowed, it was not returned on time and there will be an alarm and records will be kept.

    4. Status display: After starting the intelligent file management and control system software, all the file cabinets in the management will be displayed on the interface. In the log below, the working status of each file cabinet will be displayed. All the configuration information in the management file cabinet can be passed. The "Parameter Configuration" function is modified.

    5. Rights management: Enter the smart file management and control system, the administrator unlocks, click "registration management" to enter the relevant interface, there can be selected configuration personnel operating software function permissions.

    6. Business setting: The application setting function consists of three parts, namely, setting the closing prompt alarm time, setting the morning and evening inventory time, emergency unlocking and active inventory. "Close prompt delay" means the upper limit of time for closing the door; "morning inventory time" and "afternoon inventory time" refer to the time for setting automatic checking in the morning and afternoon.

    7. Log Management: Through the "Log Management" button on the main interface of the intelligent file management and control system software, you can easily query the system operation log, such as screening according to time, operation type and other information, and screening against file data or confidential products.


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